Gold Used To Cure Cancer-Used In The Han Dynasty

Gold Used To Cure Cancer-Used In The Han Dynasty


In the second century A.D., during the Han dynasty, a Chinese author and alchemist known as Wei Boyang is believed to have written: “Gold is the most valuable thing in all the world because it is immortal and never gets rotten. Alchemists eat it, and they enjoy longevity.”

Wei Boyang and other ancients who ate gold appear to be right. Chad Mirkin a chemist at Northwestern University indicates that gold particles turn off cancer cells. It doesn’t react with other compounds and never decays.

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Mineral Deficiency

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Both gold and platinum have been used in studies since the 70s in in treating cancers. Medical centers in Maryland have used it. Nano gold around a cancer site can kill it, so gold is not known as the king of minerals for nothing. It also effects the pineal gland by strengthening it and conducting electromagnetic energy and silver/copper is known for this as well. Gold does not kill every known virus and bacteria however as does silver. The process is the same for monotomic gold which also is very expensive. Platinum is in this same category and even more expensive. Copper has some of these same qualities and for the moment is not as expensive but the price is sky rocketing and China is buying up many of the mines world wide.

Of course most of us are not going to be able to be helped by such expensive procedures but those with money can. They still however in some cases insist on using it in conjunction with chemotherapy.

Of course mining gold from the ground I agree,  does tinker with the harmonic balance of the earth. People wearing gold jewelry however and silver for that matter do collect particle through the skin and it is beneficial to them. It is the same drinking from a silver cup, you absorb some silver particle. Standing around admiring how beautiful your silver and gold objects are however is virtually useless in my opinion.

In Switzerland they are now using silver in bandages to heal people with severe burns. They heal much faster when exposed to silver. There again this is going to be somewhat expensive and most likely you and I will not be able to afford it if needed. Gold and silver is much too valuable to be used on us commoners.

I have my own solution, a bronze cup with a silver slab on the bottom that contains some small gold nugget. (red wine is very good at leaching out the minerals!) There is very little I drink that does not come into contact with silver or gold first and as we know bronze also contains copper and zinc. The mug was stolen off ebay some years ago for $20.00 and I view it as priceless. It was made in China also.

We use gold, copper and silver to transfer electricity in computers, should we do the same for our brains? My theory is it doesn’t matter how many  minerals are standing around to admire, how much of them are inside us? What does the monetary value really matter? Are talking about the very essence of the philosopher’s stone here?

There is a reason why both India and China have used these minerals to drink from since time immemorial almost. The monks in the Potala use bronze frying pans which probably have a little gold and silver thrown in the melting process. They don’t do it just for show or monetary value. These minerals collect in the brain and the pineal gland. They transfer  energy similarly to their use in computers. The brain is in effect an organic computer and both it and the pineal gland are instruments known to monks as a vehicle leading toward cosmic consciousness or enlightenment. It is one of the many reasons we seldom encounter anyone in the west whom could be described as enlightened. Most have never seen the inside of a temple. Faith and hope will only take one so far without the knowledge needed to utilize the abundant elements that surround us.

Another important point involves copper. In an earlier blog I had produced a series by a researcher indicating that copper deficiency will not allow the building of healthy blood cells. All people once had AB blood but now many have been reduced to O blood types simply through a depletion of copper in the diet. This is turn shortens the life span of the human being. Those with O type blood do not live as long as the AB type. Survival of the fittest now are those who are not copper deficient. Many of the chemicals in food and now GMO corn, round up, aspartame, MSG, aluminum (used to stabilize salt)  etc etc, deplete these minerals in the human body. The contaminants used in modern day vaccines are well known.  Quite diabolical wouldn’t you say?

I had some correspondence with Mr. Boutillier and he was concerned about perception that some might feel he subscribed to my philosophical views when I reprinted the entire article. I don’t subscribe to all his religious views either but found his research pivotal. It serves to highlight how splitting hairs can obscure the whole. At any rate this is his website and views on the matter.

For thousands of years the ancients have known the value of minerals such as copper, silver and gold. The American Indians wear various silver and copper ornaments. Yes they could make penicillin by simply allowing a fruit to rot and eating the mold. Our heralded western scientists did not discover this. However when this was not practical they could boil a silver bracelet and drink the water to kill infections. A type of walking medicine cabinet if you will. Remember also silver is some 15 percent copper.

Other religions such as Judaism promote silver and bronze cups such as the Kiddush cup and teapots and other things. It is a practice that goes  back thousands of years in India and China. It is a concept adopted by the British as they are known tea drinkers. We are not simply drinking the tea but consuming the minerals leached into the tea. Only in modern times has the west been reduced to teflon and aluminum, poisons to the system. Even the west until presently used iron frying pans. Iron deficiency in the distant past was almost unknown but now quite prevalent. The early settlers placed silver coins in the water barrels to kill bacteria while traveling in wagon trains.

The royal families of Europe are well known to eat from silver utensils. One article I read indicated that the prince of wales had enough silver in his body to be diagnosed as heavy metal poisoning. Yet he has no ill effects. What do they know that you don’t? Of course the answer is, this is not something the hoi poi should concern themselves with. You see the real goal is to reduce the world population by some 90% and by all accounts they are doing a bang up job.

So not only is the average person not consuming enough mineral content, they are consuming chemicals which deplete mineral content. I watched a person leave a mini market this morning with two cans of Red Bull. It is banned in Europe as it damages the liver almost instantly but sold in America. The spraying of round up in Argentina has led to many forms of illness as it contains glysophate, a substance that inhibits mineral uptake in plants as well as the human body.   It would seem advisable find ways of utilizing the proper mineral content for our bodies.

Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher’s Stone – Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)


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