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Matthias Chang (above right), political secretary and adviser to former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (above left), asks:Was MH 370 weaponised before its flight to Beijing?

If so, what are the likely methods for such a mission – Biological weapons, dirty bombs?

Was Beijing / China the target and if so why?

Was the plane ordered to turn back, if so who gave the order?

Why were no questions asked about whether the flight path of MH 370 was within the geographical parameters of the Intelligence capabilities of Diego Garcia?

Why were no planes deployed from Diego Garcia to intercept the “Unidentified” plane which obviously would pose a threat to the Diego Gracia military base?

Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370: The Trillion Dollar Question to the U.S. and Its Intelligence Services

WantaChinaTimes, Taiwan reported:“The United States has taken advantage of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight to test the capabilities of China’s satellites and judge the threat of Chinese missiles against its aircraft carriers…”Erich Shih, chief reporter at Chinese-language military news monthly Defense International, said the US has more and better satellites but has not taken part in the search for flight MH370…

“Shih claimed that the US held back because it wanted to see what information China’s satellites would provide.”

Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370: The Trillion Dollar Question to the U.S. and Its Intelligence Services

27 March – a Pentagon operation involving a Boeing 777 flying from Asia to Seattle.

 Schwarzman of Freescale.
Yoichi Shimatsuformer editor of The Japan Times Weekly, writes that A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

(Link from John Alan)

According to Yoichi Shimatsu:

Freescale Semiconductors, based in Texas, has design centres in Kuala Lumpur and in China.

In February 2013, Freescale unveiled the Kinesis KL02, a tiny device that is the key to next-generation warfare.

It also has civilian uses and could make lots of money.

Kinesis KL02 is made in Kuala Lumpur

The Pentagon does not want China or Russia to get its hands on Kinesis KL02.

Freescale Malaysia was preparing to test Kinesis KL02 in China.

Stephen Allen Schwarzman, the chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group. He and George W. Bush were both in the Skull and Bones society.
Freescale has connections to the Carlyle Group, and is financially contolled by Blackstone whose major investors including the Rothschilds.
In November, Joanne Maguire, who has links to the Pentagon, joined the Freescale Board of Directors.

“The target group for the hijack is narrowing down to 20 tech employees working for Freescale” who were on board MH370.

A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

Cotswold Airport (Formerly RAF Kemble), United Kingdom, 2012.

“On 26 October 2012, we see Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-4H6 in the UK to end its life.

“It diverted to Gatwick due to fog at its final destination of Kemble.”

“We have already heard, first hand, how the plane tracks itself in ways that can’t be turned off.

“Thus, we know the team at Rolls Royce can tell us within 30 yards of where the engines were first turned off yet they have never said a word.

“I accept this as proof that a British intelligence agency is very much a part of the fate of flight 370. This is now ‘a given.'”

Malaysia Flight MH370 Missing – Page 120

An article in the media suggests that the MH370 pilot may have committed suicide, but the public are not fooled.

MH370 pilot upset over wife moving out

Comments from the public in the Mail Online:

1. “This article centers around claims made by “A close friend who wishes to remain anonymous” and “An aviation industry source who wished to remain anonymous”.

“While they remain anonymous there is no way to verify if they are telling the truth on who they claim to be, or if in reality they are actually just globalist stooges being paid to spin more disinformation to the media as part of the obvious cover up going on.

2. “Are our tails being wagged? I mean it takes almost a month to mention the pilot had a marriage breakdown before getting on the plane and was `distressed`? Come off it.”

3. “There would have been no need to climb to 45,000ft to depressurise the aircraft and disable the occupants.

“The same effect would have been achieved at normal cruising altitude, though hypoxia would have taken several tens of seconds to set in rather than just a few seconds.

“The pilot would have known this, so why bother with the climb?

“Further, as the transponder was switched off, how was the aircraft’s altitude measured with any accuracy?”

There are a number of reasons for believing that the pilot of MH370 did not commit suicide.

For example:

1. The lengthy flight path along navigational way points does not tie in with the suicide story.

2. Australian aviation expert Neil Hansford accuses the Malaysian government of being evasive about such matters as boarding procedures and stolen passports.

He says that the evidence points to the plane’s crew being involved.


3. Before the flight, passenger Paul Weeks took off his wedding ring and watch and gave them to his wife with strict instructions to pass them to his sons if anything happened to him.


4. “The announcement that MH 370 was still airborne and detected on radar at 8.11am Malaysian time indicates that the whole search in the South China sea has been a farcical waste of time.

“And yet someone had this information, and apparently sat back and let a futile search continue for almost a week.”

In other words, there has been a deliberate attempt by the authorities to mislead the public.

“The 777/200 is a ‘fly by wire’ aircraft with controls in place that allow the CIA to remotely pilot the plane…

“The CIA along with joint military commands … tracked Flight 370, monitoring it continually, monitoring the murder of its passengers, monitoring its landing, monitoring its refueling and know exactly where it is.”


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