MH370 Mystery Deepens ?

MH370 Mystery Deepens. Pentagon Blocks All Leave To Diego Garcia.

Sunday, April 6, 2014 6:44

(Before It’s News)

Interesting information posted on the Diego Garcia Passenger Facebook website.

Diego Garcia Passenger Facebook Site

You’ll notice they are erasing any mention of #mh370 on that page.

If you try to plug in, you get a password request.

Diego Garcia is well known for its excellent offshore deepsea fishing. That’s why people would take leave there.

This morning, early on CNN, they had Richard Quest on.

Richard Quest mentioned Diego Garcia, and said “the only thing I can say, is they haven’t proven the plane is NOT there”. I thought that was interesting.

Why have they never aired any of the interview he did with the missing pilots?


MH370 Diego Garcia Calls For Empty Cargo Ship For Travel And Relocation. Moving Bodies??

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 7:23

(Before It’s News)

OK, this is pretty creepy. Normally, Diego Garcia calling for an empty container ship

to move ammo, or whatever, wouldn’t be too alarming.

But notice the classification of the request.

I did some time in the Navy. The wording of the classification makes it sound like they will be transporting

people. Hmm.

Interesting to note, the Ocean Shield, a cargo ship, left port the 31st, the date of the request.

Ocean Shield tracking goes dark.

Edit to add: The TBD (To Be Determined) status on most of the details suggests this contract was done in haste.


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