BUSTED: Photopraphic Proof Shoot Down Plane Was MH370

Jim Stone

July 22 2014


Earlier today I messed up a report about the number of seats and pulled that report. NOW WE HAVE THE SMOKING GUN, thanks to another internet sleuth, who spent many hours comparing photos of the wreckage to photos of MH370 and MH17, and he found the SMOKING GUN.

The mistake in the shoot down false flag was subtle, yet obvious, and is absolute proof it was flight 370.

In all paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. And the position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge at the first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the second window. You have to look at the correct side of the plane to see it, because the opposite side lines up the same on both planes. But when the correct sides of the two aircraft are compared (this would be the same as the passenger side of an American car) you can clearly see that the flag is an entire window off where it is supposed to be if it really was MH17.

There is no way out of this, this is irrevocable proof the shot down plane is flight 370. Now there is another spare jet out there for another false flag, 9M MRD.

Below are the two smoking gun photos.

It is important to note that MH370 was new, and therefore never repainted. This is the way the flag ALWAYS looked on Flight 370, and it forever pegs the shoot down plane as flight 370.

Next is flight MH17. Notice the flag position, and ALSO, that MH17 has an extra window on this side of the aircraft, TOTALLY BUSTING THE OFFICIAL STORY.

As earlier stated, my look into the illegal immigrant children story has now begun, and will continue for approximately 2 weeks as I travel mexico to bust the children on trains story and find out how they are actually coming up to America.

A development in the rotten bodies report

Now it is being said that a Dutch doctor who was at the scene within a day has released testimony that the bodies on the plane were rotten and dead days before the crash, which would corroborate what the military commander said and that evidence is there that they were also tortured before the crash. However, the translation from Dutch is very poor and I am working on secondary confirmation. The Mexican press did a very detailed piece about the dead bodies, showing them being loaded on the train in body bags, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HOW BAD THEY SMELLED, with absolutely everyone at the scene gagging from the stench including robust military types and doctors. It was surreal, I have never seen anything like that regarding bodies from any disaster. There is no way that kind of rot could have set in in such a short time unless the bodies were indeed dead long before the shoot down.

It is extremely important to re-enforce reality with the fact that the bodies were rotten, because this proves beyond any doubt that THIS WAS NOT FLIGHT MH17, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE CONCIEVABLE WAY IT WAS NO MATTER WHAT STORIES ARE SPUN AND THEORIES ARE PRESENTED. I could care less what the MSM spins about this, the rotten bodies alone renders everything else irrelevant. There is no middle ground to be had with this.

GAZA Last night Mexican television did a huge segment on Gaza. In some scenes nothing identifiable is left, with only a barren lanscape of destroyed concrete and collapsed buildings all the way to the horizon (as far as the camera could see). It looks like Israel did the big dirty under the cover of “flight 370MH17,” which was a heinous zio crime all by itself.

After the scene of total devastation, they aired video of a portion of gaza that appeared mostly intact, and went into a segment about displaced families and how the entire water infrastructure was completely destroyed and there was no safe water to drink other than stores of it that were made ready beforehand.

The number of dead listed is laughable, it has to be tens or hundreds of thousands. There is no way out of this, but I am certain that when all is said and done, the ziopress will firmly re-enforce the solid concrete fact that fewer than 50 people died, just like they did at Jenin and the Mexican press is reporting that Gaza is a war crime and it is all Israel’s fault.

MORE at:  Jimstonefreelance.com


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  1. This gets more diabolically sinister by the minute

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