The Saviour Is Not Coming

Thursday, 7 August 2014

All religions include some kind of ‘End Times’ predictions. But there are some differences. This wiki page covers it: most of the ‘saviours’ appear on white horses. I suppose a horse represents superhuman abilities (strength, speed, height etc).Christianity certainly teaches an end-time, with final battle called ‘Armageddon’, but I’m cynical of the church and it’s teachings, so here are my current thoughts on the subject…

Truth is Empowering

One of the ways to discern a true message from a false one is by whether it’s empowering or disempowering. Disempowering messages should be treated with severe cynicism. Truth enables: It’s always empowering.

Power and responsibility are two sides of the same coin… If the teaching gives you responsibility and it’s empowering, then it’s likely to be true. You can’t be responsible, but not empowered. It’s illogical. Equally you can’t be empowered and yet not responsible.

Any teaching which removes your personal responsibility and/or power can’t be true: God (the real one) is always fair. The truth is we are responsible for this experience, we own it, and we have the power to change it – by asking our Father to.

So I’m suspicious of ‘Saviourism’ and ‘Armageddonism’.

I think Jesus’s words in the Bible could have been altered to include the Armageddon myth.


All Abrahamic religions believe in a ‘Day of Judgement’ at some point in the future. It’s usually imagined as a divine intervention of some sort, such as Jesus returning, the Islamic Mahdi, the Jewish Mashiach etc.

In all these religions, the power is taken away from the people, and put in the hands of a single individual. A ‘divine king’. This messiah will one day come and save all those who believe in him. So all you can really do is wait, and ‘believe’…

Now, I’m not saying the Earth couldn’t use a saviour, I just doubt there’s one coming. In which case it’s up to us. Like the Hopi saying goes “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

If we assume that no-one is coming to save our lazy fat asses, does the saviour belief have any value? Absolutely NOT. Even if it help people to be less depressed, it’s still destructive because it prevents them from sorting out their own shit.

If Jesus really is coming to save us, that’s cool, but I’m 100% sure he would not be offended if we made an effort to sort things out ourselves. Do ‘Christians’ really expect him to do all the work himself?

Heaven & Hell

Let’s continue the logical progression. If the aim of the Cains is to neuter the people’s power, then I think the concept of Heaven & Hell also needs to be viewed in that context: Does it empower or disempower?

Again, obviously, it disempowers. It delays judgement for the wicked until after they’re dead. They can fill their lives with crime, hurt thousands, and people will just say to themselves – “He’ll go to Hell, I’ll go the Heaven, it’l all be ok in the end, so I’ll just ignore those crimes.”

Perhaps there is a heaven & hell. The inescapable fact is that * we don’t know *. I think that we need to be honest about what we can and can’t know. We can only deal with the things we do know… If a belief in something intangible prevents us from doing the right thing in this world, then it is no doubt a false belief.

Apocalypse, Armageddon, The Final Battle

Apocalypse really means ‘unveiling’, but it’s all mixed up with a ‘final battle’ between good and evil, and all these religions believe the Earth will be destroyed, and replaced with a new one. At this time, all suffering will end, there will be no more war, death etc…

Again we have a disempowering message: That we must wait for justice! We have to wait and hope for the divine intervention to end our suffering.

I question whether this is really God’s plan… These religions are all simply different heads on the beast. They all teach a fully corrupt Satanic message. It would seem far more likely that it’s Satan’s own destruction fantasy, rather than the truth.

Transhumanism and the Coming Machine God

Transhumanists believe in a coming ‘singularity’. It’s similar. Their scientist-priests will usher in a global apotheosis, by connecting us all to a giant artificial brain. They’ll probably call it Lucifer, or Prometheus, or something like that, they’re not very imaginative…

“They want to transcend our mortal bodies and create a super intelligent godlike human and machine hybrid, called a cyborg, or something like the Borg from Star Trek. This super machine will solve all our material and spiritual problems by curing disease, extending life expectancy indefinitely, and providing for a meaningful existence through creating a continual sense of euphoria in the brain. There will be no limits to what this super man/machine will be able to do. All we need to do is surrender our wills to achieve universal peace and happiness.”

Materialists don’t have an (inevitable) Armageddon belief. But then all religions must contains a few truths to be credible, so perhaps that’s it.

Buddhism and Armageddon.

Would you be surprised to know that many Buddhists believe in ‘Armageddon’ too?

True Buddhism doesn’t have this belief, but the Buddhism that’s being pushed in the world is Tantric Buddhism which isn’t Buddhism.

Here are some interesting links about the Dalai Lama:

Note, there’s a link to 9/11 there…

“The intricate Mandala, constructed during the Kalachakra Ceremony, is made with coloured sand and symbolizes the whole universe. At the end of the ritualistic performance the sand construction will be destroyed by the Tibetan monks. The so called “dismantling” of the sand Mandala symbolizes the destruction of the world and of the universe. This is part of the apocalyptic Doomsday Scenarios in the Kalachakra prophecies which culminate in a final battle and the End of our planet. Nevertheless the construction and destruction of the Mandala is presented by the Dalai Lama as a contribution to world peace.”

The Religious Message in a Nutshell

The basic message of all these religions can be summarised as:

1) Humans are fundamentally bad, you screwed up, and you need saving.
2) If you believe in our messiah, you’ll be saved, and go to heaven.
3) There can be no justice until the saviour comes, and (ironically) destroys the planet.
4) Believers should wait for the messiah in faith and hope.
5) Signs of destruction are good – it means the messiah is coming soon.
6) Keep paying your taxes.

Cui Bono

Who benefits? That’s always useful to know when searching for the truth.

Well, in this case, the obvious beneficiary is the ruling elite, and Satan. Not us.

By keeping people waiting and hoping, and hoping and waiting, all resistance is neutralised. The evil plan succeeds… By telling people that all this destruction is part of God’s plan, then they sit back, and allow it to happen.

People wonder why the elite have contempt for the masses, and this is why, because we’re all battling each other to prove our own beliefs that aren’t even ours, they were invented by them. Christians think they’re doing right by reciting Jesus’s name, and supporting their genocidal governments… It’s insanity, as any proper examination will show. But people don’t exercise their God-given faculties, and they buy the BS.

Deliberately Ridiculous

The elite are ‘taking the piss’ by putting forward stories which are obviously not true. None of any ‘official wisdom’ stands up to any scrutiny, none of it. I can’t think of a single thing that the state teaches which is true. All of it’s complete fantasy of such a ridiculous nature that any normal human being would see though it in a second. Most children do see the insanity of the world, and then grow up to accept it after being violently attacked a few times.

They make the stories deliberately stupid out of contempt – because they know they can get away with it. It’s a mark of power. I could list any number of examples: 9/11, Democracy, Global Warming, Putin having anything to do with MH17, etc…

So salvationism, and armageddonism. These thing’s pretty much fit the bill of being extremely unlikely events, and yet everyone believes it. If the propaganda is repeated often enough, people believe it.

The Unlikely Timescale of Armageddon

Most Armageddon / end-times myths also rely on a short timescale. If humans have for hundreds of thousands then it would seem jolly unfair of God to permit suffering for so long, so they imagine mankind was created just a few thousand years ago.

Hindus believe in cycles of time going over millions of years. Perhaps they’re right. After all, the western ‘scientists’ (such as Isaac Newton) did steal most of their science from the Vedas… They do not believe in any finality (as far as I’m aware), just continuous cycles of time.

The Earth does bear evidence of many previous ages, and evidence of man is found throughout the fossil record… In which case, could there have been multiple ‘Judgement Days’? It seems unlikely.

Day of Judgement Was Originally Death

The natural interpretation of the ‘Day of Judgement’ is the day you die. That’s the underlying view of most religions. Even the Abrahamic ones send the deceased to various levels of ‘Hades’ in a kind on mini-judgement – before the big one…

So, it could well be possible that this natural concept of being judged when you die, to the whole world being judged, and it dying, was a Satanically inspired imagining. It’s a fallacious extrapolation of natural law into a Satanic control-system.

In fact, it bears the mark of Satan – the Inversion…

The original is a personal judgement, meted out immediately on death, which would lead you to an appropriate new experience. The Satanic version is a worldwide postponed judgement leading to planetary destruction. Quite different.

Self-Fulfilled Prophesy

I want to go back to the Dalai Lama, and his Kalachakra Mandala, the destruction of which presaged the destruction of the twin-towers on 9/11.

It would seem clear that the creation and destruction of the mandala was an intentional ritual designed to destroy the towers. But it wasn’t magic that destroyed the towers, it was people, machinations, conspiracy and murder.

Their magic has no real power. If it did, the towers would have fallen down by magic. Instead, it took rather a lot of of explosives.

It’s clear the the elite like to predict the future, and then create it. ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley, or ‘The Protocols…’. This is a Satanic tactic, and it would make sense that religions are also vehicles for this kind of society / mind control.

Biblical Prophesy – Self Fulfilled?

So how much of Biblical prophesy is self-fulfilled by the Satanists? I would suggest that all the prophesies of destruction were made and are fulfilled by the Satanists themselves.

The Book of Revelation seems to be playing out right now, but maybe it’s not God’s will. Maybe instead it really is a play, written by Satan himself, with humans tricked into being it’s actors.

So these prophesies were made by Satan, and now he’s using his puppets to act them out on the world stage. He is the master of puppets.

As I’ve said before: The elite always get normal humans to do their dirty work for them, they NEVER do the murder themselves. This way they avoid the karma, and they buy souls for Satan. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki were not dropped by the elite, but by real people with compassion. Real people, real regret, real stupid.


I’ve decided that I don’t believe any of these end-of-days stories.
I think it’s possible there could be a divine intervention to sort out the mess this world has become, and it’s desirable, but I don’t think we should wait for a ‘Saviour’. I think we should get the ball rolling ourselves. If Jesus isn’t coming back, and who could blame him, then waiting in faith and hope is a disgusting waste of life.

I think it IS possible for us to sort this place out ourselves. Perhaps it’s inevitable, and part of the cycles of the Yugas. Either way, we have to act to bring the kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Not sit around singing songs, ‘hoping’.

The question is how exactly to do that. I think it’s simply a case of law.

Fuck waiting for Jesus.



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2 responses to “The Saviour Is Not Coming

  1. With one exception: don’t just ask about Father. Christians are going to refute that by saying “you can’t change God’s will. It’s already written what is going to happen.”

    But taking responsibility is a VERY good point. People who take responsibility for things change things every day, and have all through history. There was a guy on CNN on Christmas day stating he started a company called “Wine into Water” because there were 1 billion people without clean water on this planet. He got donations from wine companies and bars to bring clean water to these people and made and ENORMOUS difference.

    He didn’t just sit on his lazy ass saying “it’s all God’s plan all this bad news happening on the planet.” He did something about it and changed it!

  2. Glad to see this, it really prompted me to get on to some research I’ve been meaning, all while I was just making up for missing many a friday blog hop. I will say that it seems the enemy of our soul likes to run a counterfit, or substitution to the things of God… (kbfs) “there was an amalgamation of Christian truth that was mixed with elements of paganism like sun worship which started with Constantine who embraced Christianity (maybe partly/) merely as a political ploy to declare himself the head of the Roman Church and introduced worship of images — both icons and statues to substitute for pagan idolatry through Mariology and the Eucharist – I’ll make it a must to study some more… history is so telling with fascinating findings as part of the joy in having availability so many different blog styles one can take away from given the availability to access so many different blog styles.
    Thanks for the interesting stuff, this is quite a post (and website too) with some good points, but I’d rather not rule out… he who says “behold I come quickly” for good reason, especially with all that points to his word being true!

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