MH 370 and the Secret Services


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  1. Knoester

    Edgar Bronfman asked the Swiss Banks to give back the possessions of the Jews who died in the Holocaust, which was denied. “Mossad kills Jews in Bagdad” see: Isser Harel Bagdad page 92 – 3. “Israel closes all embassies”: It was a strike about wages which started a long time ago. “Israel delivers weapons to China”: They do, but they take out the most intelligent parts. also: Meir Shalit, the Department Head for Defense Exports at the Defense Ministry, announced his resignation last week. (Israel National news) If y want to know more about the Mossad, see Dan Ravid’s book he is a CBS reporter. Y will read all also about Iran, that Israel send a virus to its computers to slow down the nuclear program. Believe me They don’t need to kill 200 Chinese to involve the US in a war with Iran. Iron dome was manufactured in Israel, by the Israel military. Hope this helps

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