How Beautiful is a Sea of Blood

Saturday, 8 November 2014


What’s all this about?

The British Legion has refused for decades to accede to the requests of the Peace Pledge Union to allow white poppies be offered for sale to the public as an alternative to the ubiquitous red ones.

What could possibly be unacceptable, while honoring the sacrifices of fallen soldiers, in our expressing an aspiration that there be an end to the slaughter.

Clearly pacifism is an ideology up with which the British state will not put, as our most doughty warmonger might have stated.

Puppetmasters for the elite understand that the mind doesn’t recognise a negative (don’t think of a blue elephant). As words honour, in hushed and reverent tones, the sacrifices of previous generations our subconscious minds can hardly help but transfer these feelings to the carnage itself.

The responses of the public relayed into our homes by the BBC and other broadcasters show ordinary members of the public repeating again and again how “beautiful” is this installation.

Millions have been spent on the Tower of London extravaganza.

As with arms production, when it comes to war……

……money is no object.

Never is.

Can anyone smell an occult operation here?

For what are we being prepared?

Think about it.

Anyone with a brain cell who has been paying attention over the past few years knows we cannot trust the people who lead us.

Not a bit.

Not one tiny bit.

Here is the message:



For what are we being prepared?

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