Boris Nemtsov Shooting: This is How They Did It

by Scott Creighton

The shooting of Boris Nemtsov was obviously planned as an operation of destabilization, an attempt to undermine the current, freely elected and popularly supported government in Russia.

When the Russian secret services decide to remove a threat, much like ours, they can do so in such a manner that you would never know they were there. In a way even the coroner wouldn’t know it was murder. They don’t resort to ham-handed public executions like this one which looks more like a Bloods V Crips drive-by than a modern day political assassination. The point is, someone wanted this event to be seen and recognized as a hit. Moscow certainly wouldn’t have wanted that, which begs the question: who would have?

Details of the shooting are still scattered and in some cases, self-contradictory. There are still multiple news outlets reporting the early, misleading details that emerged within hours of the shooting, namely that a white car pulled up alongside the couple as they were walking across the bridge and someone jumped out and shot Nemtsov a number of times, then hopped back in the car and it sped off.

Where this version of events came from is not explained at this time. It’s possible that this is what Anna Duritskaya initially told Russian investigators prior to the release of the unverified TV Tsentr video that showed the shooting on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge near the Kremlin.

The Tsentr video exposes the depth of the plot in such a way that a random car driving by shooting the man doesn’t. You see, there is a reason that the “drive-by” story was spun in the first place: it implies that the act was a reaction to finding the couple on the bridge rather than what it really was… a man being led to an ambush.

And that’s a very important distinction.

A security system like the KGB would be expected to follow someone they wanted to hit via cell phone tracking or what not and then improvise the murder. At least, that is, in this Pollyanna imagining of how state power works. In reality they would simply break into his home while he was having dinner with Anna elsewhere and spike his prune juice with the radionuclide polonium-210 (210Po)

Let’s get back to what actually happened that night.

The story of the white car is still being reported by some to this very day in spite of the fact that the video of the hit exists and refutes that claim. As I stated before, there is a reason for that.

Boris Nemtsov was lured into an ambush and he could only have been brought there by one person: Anna Duritskaya.

This is a key aspect of this investigation because quite simply, if one part of the plot falls apart, the rest is sure to follow.

In this article, I intend to show two things: what has happened with Anna Duritskaya since the event took place and how it was laid out by the plotters for optimum security of the participants and maximum dramatic effect.

In the second part of the essay I will lay out the four participants of the plot: the hook, the cover, the asset and the escape. They are all clearly visible in the video and are all key aspects of this event.

Anna Duritskaya: The Lady in White a.k.a. The Hook

It is my contention that Anna Duritskaya flew in from Kiev on Friday, the day of the hit, with a part to play in an assassination: the assassination of her occasional trick, Boris Nemtsov. She contacted him, set up the late dinner arrangement and subsequently convinced the much older man to take a nice romantic moonlight stroll back to his apartment for sex. The route she picked across the bridge was where at least three other accomplices were lying in wait for Boris.

The fact that they were waiting for him proves her compliance in this event. There’s no way all of these elements could have hastily concocted the trap had they not known the two would be walking across that particular bridge at that particular time.

Her white coat stood out in the dark. It was an easy way to identify the two of them even from a distance and as you will see, that is important.

It should be noted that Anna is now under “armed guard” at a friend of Nemtsov’s house. It is assumed the guards are private, not state police. Her lawyer states she wants no part of the investigation and wishes to leave Russia, to return to Kiev as soon as possible.

At this point, she has been unable to identify the shooter. Couple all of that with the fact that she must have been the source for the misleading story about the assailant jumping out of a car and you have a very suspect “witness” at best.

But there is even more reason to suspect Anna had more to do with this than meets the eye: her behavior right after the shooting on the street.

If you go watch the Tsentr video of the shooting you’ll notice how easy it is to spot the couple early on because of her bright white coat. It stands out in the dark like a beacon.

You’ll also notice what she does after the hit-man runs from behind the utility truck and jumps in the car and this is very telling.

At 23:31 and some odd seconds in the video (time stamp, not video time) the hit has taken place and Anna is still apparently on the ground where the shooter left her after killing Boris with 4 shots to the back.

The killer doesn’t fire a single shot at Anna and leaves her alone, unharmed, the only eyewitness to the murder.

At 23:32:13, Anna jumps up and runs to the utility vehicle which has moved slightly forward after shielding the hit from any passers-by (we will get into that later). That’s what I call “the cover”

Anna spent an entire 30 seconds or so in the vicinity of her fallen lover who was probably bleeding out at that point. His last gasps of life, alone on a cold street. Probably with a pocket full of Viagra. A fitting end to a neoliberal technocrat, but hardly what you would expect from his dedicated lover, right?

Anna runs over and hangs out with the utility truck driver for a while as others rush up to Boris to offer help. Anna, stays with the utility truck driver until the truck pulls off right after a single police car pulls up.

Anna then meanders around the scene for a few moments, walking near her fallen lover only once, only then to be ushered away from the scene, down the same ramp the shooter emerged from. Her time on the scene after the hit was a whopping 6 minutes.

Almost none of that time was spent with Boris as he lay dying.

Most of it was spent with the driver of the vehicle which slowly followed the couple as they walked across the bridge and caught up with them just in time to shield the shooting from prying eyes.

The driver of the utility truck was also unable to describe what the shooter looked like.

How They Did It: the hook, the cover, the asset and the escape

What I’m going to share with you now is my hypothesis of how the plotters planned and executed this political hit. Yes, it was political, but not because Vladamir Putin feared Boris Nemtsov who was widely known by many Russians and equally despised by them. Boris posed no threat to the political establishment of Russia but he could serve one last function for the neoliberal West (including our man in Kiev, “porky” Poroshenko) who wished to use his death as a means to incite a new color revolution much in the same way Vladamir Putin explained they would 3 years ago at a public forum.

In order to understand this hit, you first have to know that the real mistake they made was allowing one camera to remain on during it. They never intended for any videos to be released showing the event because when you see what I’m about to show you, you will realize that this wasn’t a spontaneous “target of opportunity’ event. He was led to that spot where at least 3 participants were lying in wait for him. That contradicts the story they initially attempted to put forward which was probably told to police by Anna, a.k.a. The Hook.

According to reports, all of the CCTV cameras were offline during the hit. Some might say that points to government involvement. I tend to disagree.

Remember, if they wanted him dead, Russian secret services could have done so in a manner better suited to their needs. Not something obvious like this was.

Also remember: our NSA and CIA are more than capable of hacking into Moscow’s CCTV system and shutting down those cameras themselves. CCTV systems aren’t usually considered high national security priority and don’t have much of a security system in place. For the NSA or CIA to hack them, even CIAnonymous for that matter, would be a simple thing.

And however compelling that bit of truth is, there is always another aspect to take into consideration: insiders.

Whenever we neoliberalize a nation there are always those who wish to line their own pockets by playing ball with us. It would be easy for someone like the CIA to contact someone working at the Moscow metro CCTV control desk and have those cameras shut off that night for “maintenance”

Whatever the case may be, the cameras were shut off that night on the bridge. But someone made a mistake and that mistake now provides us with valuable insight into what really happened on that bridge.

And that mistake was: they forgot the state-owned TV Tsentr camera that was set up for traffic monitoring on the bridge.

Based on that video, it’s pretty easy to draw up the plan as the plotters laid it out and I wish to do that for you with a map of the bridge and a few photos taken from Google Earth Street View.

Fact is, Boris never stood a chance after his little “model” plaything flew into Moscow that day and made plans for the two of them to hook-up that same night. His fate was sealed as she led him into the kill zone.

This is how they did it.

First, here is an image from the Russian news coverage. It’s a still frame from the video I’ve linked to already.

pic of scene

A few interesting things to note: the light pole, the Kremlin in the background and the access to the stairway. All of these elements identify the exact location of the hit.

Next we have an image taken from Google Street View of that spot.

shooting scene

That’s the light pole, that’s the Kremlin, that’s the spot where Boris Nemtsov died and that’s the stairwell where the shooter was hiding in wait long before Anna and Boris even started their walk from the restaurant.

Also note how clear the view is from the location I have marked as the place where the escape vehicle was waiting. They needed a good view of the bridge so they could time their approach to pick up the shooter.

I want to give you a view of that spot and what the getaway driver would be able to see.

escape view

There is a parking area right there where the white or grey car would have waited for the target to walk across the street and up the bridge to the kill zone. The driver would have been able to time his arrival himself.

You will also notice the entrance where the cover vehicle, the utility truck, turned onto the bridge and slowly followed the target to the kill zone where he used his truck to block the view of the hit from any passing cars or possibly police vehicles on the other side of the bridge. That is why he was there.

Here is a view of the parking area where the utility truck and the hitman laid in wait for the target.

staging area

As you can see, there is a parking lot right there. Perfect for the large utility truck to sit and wait for the target to arrive. He didn’t even need to see the target and the Lady in White approach since the getaway car, parked across the street in the other parking lot would have been able to radio him when they arrived.

Notice the stairs leading up to the bridge and the little wall which serves as the handrail on the bridge itself. There is a ledge on this side of it where the shooter probably staged himself after the call from the getaway car came in and the utility truck took off. The shooter ascends the steps, creeps along the ledge waiting for the target.

The utility truck was slowly following the two walking along the bridge with it’s flashing lights on. That would have served as direction for the shooter. From his location on this side of that little wall, he would have been able to see the top of the truck and the flashing lights without being seen by the target. When the truck pulled up right in place, the shooter jumps over the wall and fires on Boris Nemtsov. The rest we know from the video.

Here is a map with these locations detailed and the paths of the various actors laid out in different colors.


That’s how they did it. They had her lead Boris to this kill zone and they offered him up as the sacrificial lamb to their latest color revolution effort.

The choice of location also tells us a great deal about who planned this or at least the kind of background they come from.

Remember the “terrorist” shooting in Canada? Remember how the guard was supposedly shot at the foot of the war memorial?

It made for very dramatic front page photos in Canadian papers. Especially at a time when Canadian officials wanted to promote their getting involved in the Global War OF Terror.

Similarly, here we have this washed up “opposition leader” lying dead on the ground with the Kremlin looming in the background over his dead body.

Folks, that’s “the money shot”… that’s marketing.

That’s the result of someone knowing full well that an image like that would imply guilt on the government in Moscow much more than any evidence they could ever fabricate.

So that’s why they picked that location.

As the Saker points out, this psyop has failed on a number of levels. Most importantly, even the opposition in Russia is reluctant to point the finger at Putin.

I think there are two reasons this failed.

Two crucial mistakes the planners made.

Even if people can’t understand that a real hit by Russian intelligence wouldn’t look like this, they can understand a few simple facts.

The first is, the witness’ story doesn’t match the video evidence of the hit. And that’s a big one. The fact that she just got off the plane from Kiev and wants to go back as soon as possible is very telling.

But ultimately, the video itself is the big problem because it proves someone had to lead Boris Nemtsov to that kill zone where all those actors were waiting for him.

They shut down the CCTV cameras but left one running and the state run TV station was cleared immediately to release it. That screwed them.

The second mistake might seem a bit harsher on my part, but it’s also crucial in understanding what happened.

They let Anna live.

Why would a hit-man do that? Leave a witness who saw him close-up right under a street light?

Well, that goes back to what she was doing when she met Boris Nemtsov. She was working for a VIP service, not as a “model” or an actress.

So why didn’t the planners of this action dictate she had to go as well?

Well, my guess is… she upgraded sugar daddies. One located in Kiev. Any thoughts on who that could be?

The point is, she had protection and any Russian state hit-man wouldn’t have given it to her. In fact, anyone like that, were they to use such a ham-handed plan in the first place, would certainly have taken her out.

The fact that she wasn’t killed says a lot about who did this. And with that said, you can probably expect her to meet a bad end once she gets back to Kiev or even before now that the video is out and the gig is up.

So that’s what I figure happened last Friday night in Moscow. If you have any questions or disputes of this hypothesis, let me know. But right now it seems pretty obvious to me.


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