BREAKING NEWS: NASA admits it still hasn’t figured out Van Allen Radiation Belts!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Greencrow has been saying for years that the Apollo Moon Missions were a Hoax–largely, but not solely–due to the impenetrability of the Van Allen Radiation Belts and finally NASA admits this as well.

If this does not get the skeptics going wild on the moon debate, we don’t know what will.
In the video presentation below, NASA engineer Kelly Smith explains about many of the risks and pitfalls surrounding the new Orion Deep Space Mission to the planet Mars.

Surprisingly, chief among Kelly’s concerns is whether or not his spacecraft can successfully pass through the perilous Van Allen Radiation Belts. Such is the prospective danger in fact, that NASA will have to send a dumbie craft first in order to ‘test out’ what the potential radiation effects will be on future human crews, as well as on the ship’s delicate sensors and equipment.

Will THIS wake the Sheeple up as to all the Lies the US has told?  Don’t bet on it!  The biggest mystery of modern times…even bigger than the Van Allen Radiation Belts…is what has dumbed down western societies so badly that, all put together they, have the curiosity and brain wattage of a paramecium.


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