Deadly Deception at Port Arthur

By Joe vialls

Author JOE VIALLS is an independent investigative journalist with thirty years direct experience of international military and oilfield operations
At 1.30 p.m. on Sunday 28 April 1996, an unknown professional combat
shooter opened fire in the Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in Tasmania. In less than
a minute 20 people lay dead, 19 of them killed with single shots to the head fired
from the right hip of the fast-moving shooter.
In less than thirty minutes at six crimes scenes, 35 people were shot dead,
another 22 wounded, and two cars stopped with a total of only 64 bullets. A fast-
moving Daihatsu Feroza 4WD driven by Linda White was crippled by a ‘Beirut
Triple’; normally reserved for dead-blocking Islamic terrorists driving primed car
bombs around the Lebanon.
One sighting shot, a second to disable the driver, and a third to stop the engine
before the primed car bomb can hit its target and explode. Very few know of this
obscure technique, and even fewer can master it with only three bullets.
This awesome display of combat marksmanship was blamed on an intellectually
impaired young man called Martin Bryant who had no shooting or military
experience at all.

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