Falling Masonry -Corruption & Deceit of the Freemasons

Shining light on the Corruption and Deceit of the Freemasons

It’s highly unlikely that the Freemasons are an alien race of shape-shifting lizard-people, or have played a part in every major crime that has ever been committed. However, there is enough information on the internet suggesting that the Freemasons would be the correct organization to join, were someone hoping for an invite to the Bilderberg Group or wishing to become part of the Illuminati, that it would be surprising if the Masons were not attracting the sort of people desperate for power, influence and money.

Danger from above: Falling Masonry at a CathedralNow, if someone asked you “What is a Mason?“. Maybe you’d say, as we used to believe, that Freemasonry is simply a secretive organization for starchy old men with nothing better to do, that consists of rolling up your trouser legs, wearing a leather apron and giving funny handshakes – that all sounds pretty bizarre, but the truth is stranger than you might have imagined.

Some people have argued that Freemasons shouldn’t be criticised because they raise large sums of money for charitable causes (something which is certainly very commendable). But then, plenty of other organisations have also raised money for charity – without feeling any need to indulge in secret rituals, award each other grandiose titles, or swear oaths to cover each other’s backs. Further, we must also be careful that charity fundraising and supposed good works are not being manipulated and abused as a cover for sexual abuse, which seems to have been the case with Sir Jimmy Savile and Sir Cyril Smith, during their lifetimes.

For most of us, charity means giving help to those in need – regardless of age, beliefs, disability, gender, pregnancy, race or sexual orientation – but studying the Freemason organization, charity for them seems to mean manipulating Gift Aid and the favourable tax treatment afforded to charities, so that they can give more to themselves and their friends.

To illustrate this, if you visit the United Grand Lodge of England website, you can click on the “Charitable Work” link, and discover that Freemasons channel their charitable efforts through four charities. Then, if you check the eligibility requirements for each of those supposed charities, you will see that they all restrict their help to Freemasons, former Freemasons and close dependents of Freemasons.

Therefore, if you give money to one of the Masonic Charities, you might believe that you are supporting worthy local causes, but in fact all you are likely doing is making a payment into some Freemason’s Healthcare scheme, Insurance policy or Pension pot, etc.

Indeed, the Taxman recently agreed with us, when Judge Charles Hellier ruled that the Freemason governing body was not sufficiently “philanthropic” to be exempt from VAT. Noting that only between 25 and 30 percent of the Grand Lodge’s charity donation go to causes with no Masonic connections, stating:

It is not that benefitting others who happen to be Masons does not display goodwill towards mankind in general, but that if that is coupled with a hope or expectation of personal benefit, some of the aim loses its quality of benevolence. To the extent that monies were paid with the hope or expectation of self-insurance, their payment does not seem to us to be an act of philanthropy. The aim of encouraging such giving does not appear to be a philanthropic aim.

Researching a little deeper into Freemasonry, we find that the Masons are to be found behind quite a number of scandals and outrages over the years – Mozart’s death, Licio Gelli and the Propaganda Due outrage, the murder of Roberto Calvi (God’s Banker), the disgraceful treatment of former Chief Inspector Brian Woollard, whilst just recently it has transpired that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is also a Mason. A leaked secret Metropolitan Police investigation from 2002 known as ‘Operation Tiberius’ revealed that organised crime gangs used Freemason contacts to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard. Another leaked secret Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) report from 2008, known as ‘Project Riverside’ claimed that criminals were still corrupting police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests. No action to stem the corruption seems to have been taken, whilst the growing list of masonic crimes is apparently endless.

A hint to the skullduggery indulged in by Freemasons is given in the writings of Albert Pike, who penned the Masonic guidebook “Morals and Dogma“, in which he affirms:

Masonry […] conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead; to conceal the Truth, which it calls light, and draw them away from it. [pages 104-5]

Regardless of what you believe, the Freemason’s United Grand Lodge of England (the largest such organization) claims to have over 250,000 affiliated members. A high percentage of which turn out to be Public servants, or Members of Parliament (Two Masonic Lodges operate in the Palace of Westminster, and nearly every Lord Mayor of London since the start of the last century has been a Freemason). Oftentimes, these characters also turn out to have rather dubious personal histories – many of which you will be able to read about in the pages of this website.

It’s also undisputed that Freemasons spend a lot of their time adorning themselves with vainglorious titles, Masonic medals, robes and finery. Then, in everyday life, they will use Square and Compasses jewellery, along with similar accessories, to covertly indicate their Masonic membership to other Freemasons, and thereby surreptitiously be able to obtain preferential treatment, to the detriment of “the profane” (the label that Freemasons give us non-Masons).

Most importantly, Masonic Public servants – who should be putting the interests of the British public first in their day-to-day duties – will have taken blood-curdling oaths to always put the interests of other Freemasons before anyone else when they were initially recruited into the organization, under no less penalty than ritual murder, mutilation and being disappeared like the victim of a South American Death squad.

In fact, Cecil Rolph Hewitt, Criminologist, Author, Journalist and former Vice-President of the Howard League for Penal Reform, who joined the City of London Police in 1921, and writing as C. H. Rolph, in an article for the weekly news magazine Police Review in September 1981, said:

I saw enough chicanery and favouritism fostering Freemasonry in the Police service to satisfy me that it ought to be barred. It wasn’t so much that the Masons got actual preferment (though I’m sure some of them did); they believed they would, and the belief devalued their characters in a way that was as odd as it was disturbing.

Previous to that in 1969, David Thomas, a former Head of Monmouthshire CID, stated:

[T]he insidious effect of Freemasonry among the Police has to be experienced to be believed.

More recently, PC Kitit Gordhandas, from West Yorkshire Police, wrote to Police Review saying:

I feel that Freemasonry stands for white, male, middle-class members working for the advancement of themselves and their fellow Masons.

It appears highly likely then, that Freemasons do perform acts of mutual advancement and improper favour-swapping. Both of which are actions that any right-minded person would agree are incompatible with being a Public servant, and which should preclude that person from taking part in any sort of Public Office.

As the old saying goes “No man can serve two masters“.

To solve similar problems, millions of Public servants sign the Official Secrets Act, which curbs their right to publish, discuss or otherwise disseminate information which they may learn in the course of their work. Additionally, members of the Armed forces and the Police surrender their civil liberty to withdraw their labour and go on strike. Whilst no Civil servant or Policemen is allowed to stand as a candidate in local or national elections without first having resigned from his or her employment.

Therefore, imposing a similar curb on members of the Police service and Civil servants in respect of Freemasonry has an undeniable precedent. People would retain the right to join shadowy organizations that swear oaths to support their own members ahead of everyone else, such as the Freemasons, the Knights of St. Columba or the Order of the Eastern Star – but they would then lose the right to remain as Policemen or Civil servants, etc.

This same rule could then be imposed upon other Public servants, such as MPs, Judges, Magistrates and Local Councillors – After all, these selfsame officials regularly tell us that “Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear“.

Until this happens, it is not enough for Public servants to claim that they behave with integrity. They must been seen to be doing so too. And, since most of the general public still knows very little about who is or isn’t a Freemason, they are being kept in the dark as to whom they can trust, when it comes to dealing with MPs, Judges, Lords, Magistrates, Barristers, Local Councillors and members of the Police, etc.

The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. ~~ John F. Kennedy

– See more at: http://fallingmasonry.info/index.html#sthash.ivmOUrTp.dpuf



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4 responses to “Falling Masonry -Corruption & Deceit of the Freemasons

  1. steve cook

    I like your article -I feel even stronger than you -I think -I would say short of a non police non masonic investigation into every mason -we will never know how responsible the masons truly are for about half the paedophilia rape murder and theft – not to mention all the relatively trivial cover-ups like for incompetence waste and illegality .
    they are like a cancer or parasite and the press and legal institutions focus daily on crime and criminality and yet never even discuss the masonry let alone challenge their existence and highlight the terrible connections that exist between organised crime of the vilest types and masonry .
    an example of this is the police -however many stories are now coming to the surface regarding the Birmingham 6 and gill dando and Hillsborough and now orgreave -we are never once encouraged to make a link and seriously examine our police and the out-of -control corruption amongst them.
    I see the police as largely a menace and a crime wave and crime industry -funded by tax payers-forcefully and unusable and opaque secretive and with unique licenses that allow them to murder and frame and rape and torture .
    thus a peaceful law abiding small rural community somewhere may have zero crime for decades and then have the police arrive through some change in circumstance -ie a new police station or something -and then find crime rockets -but mostly if not even entirely unreported crime as the cops don’t even make it possible to report crime at all now -and still no complaints from the public or outrage or news stories -yet our local top cop in cambs said to the press a year or so ago-to the public-don’t bother ringing in anymore as there is no one employed to answer the phone .
    then the police and politicians tell us every year repeatedly that crime is falling and they are so clever .
    though the police not reporting their own criminality is an entirely different subject and caused by the powers they have and the masonic structure which ties the police to politicians and councillors and business and social services and teachers etc .
    someone said on tv a week or two ago that there will always be more crime in the police than amongst the public and the police will always be corrupt to the core-as the police and their powers corrupt them -I agree and think this is the crux of the problem -and secrecy is the biggest enemy of ours-either in a police context or masonic context and in most cases it is probably both .
    to end secrecy in the police wont change much unless the masons are banned from existence in the uk .
    likewise banning the masons wont make much difference either unless the police are denied the secrecy they exploit -so both need huge changes and those changes more than reforms must then be enforced and investigated for many years till we can be sure the whole mind-set and structures and links between secretive police and masons and any future secret structures are crushed repeatedly till a whole generation grow up free of the corrupt networks that blight every aspect of life in the uk and in almost every location -short of this concerted effort -of course the powerful will always remain the powerful and for the worst reasons possible .
    so this is what the papers should now be printing about orgreave and Hillsborough and the Birmingham 6 and gill dando and maddy mccann and it seems most famous cases sadly etc-but the media is as corrupt as the police and politicians and councillors -so no chance the media will tell the truth or encourage scrutiny or reforms or accountability or justice -just a big story helping to convict the innocent and cover up the truth and protect the guilty followed years later by a shock story -look he was innocent-let him go and feel confused and acceptant of the sordid but confusing reality -so two stories and no value or honesty in either .
    the latest carl bridgewater story sounds like it is the latest in a string of thousands of high profile cover ups and framing of the innocent and hiding of the truth -and many of these stories are paedophile cases involving no bodies found and witnesses being killed before cases occur and connections through social services teachers councils and paedophile rings which often feature masons and politicians -so that’s my guess for carl bridgewater -knowing nothing at all about the case -but that’s my guess .
    likewise the famous dunblane case is beyond shocking -and still being covered up ferociously -with murders and press suppression and even the Iraq war being linked to it .
    then there is the equally shocking holly grieg or hollie greig story -which is again being actively covered up everywhere as we speak -and frightening methods are again being employed to protect the masons and the councillors and mps and judges and cops -all involved in that organised paedophile ring in Scotland .

    • kevti

      also check out the masonic connections in the madelaine mc,cann cover up and the brave and dilligent work of richard d.hall who has made sevral documentries on the case

  2. Anonymous

    If you want a cover up have a look at a case coming up at the old Bailey on the 24th Jan 2017.. highway services Alconbury vshotel hotel ace, lord judge kitchen has been holding an investigation into the case for the last few months but are trying to hush it over with the media

  3. kevti

    me and my family are regularly harassed by the northumbria police helicopter and the more sinister role of the special branch.ie smear campaigns,organized covert harassment ,the involvement of a public figure with strong interests in the private security sector and happens to hold a seat in the house of lords [not so noble]

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