ISIS Fakery Busted Once and For all, PROVEN HOAX!

Update: This is the most widely accepted version of how this all took place:

Hackers of the CyberBerkut group, an organized group of pro-Russian hacktivists, who are known for DDoS attacks on the websites of the Ukrainian government and on those belonging to Western and Ukrainian corporations have released this video of the execution of a prisoner of the Islamic State (IS), which appears to have been shot in a professional motion picture studio.

The hackers claimed to have found this video in an electronic device belonging to a staffer of U.S. Senator John McCain. The hackers bragged, “We, the CyberBerkut group, have acquired a file of inestimable importance! Dear Senator McCain, we recommend that you not take secret documents with you, when you travel abroad, especially in Ukraine.”

Rumors are it was in Hillary’s leaked E-mails, hacked off of John McCain’s cell phone, and brought to light by a stork baby carrying a flash drive, BOTTOM LINE: I don’t care where this came from, because regardless of the source it is GAME OVER. If you show this video to your mind numbed troll sheeple neighbor and they still don’t get it, BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THEM, DEMONS THAT POSSESS PEOPLE DON’T LIKE PAIN AND YOUR DELIVERY OF A SOLID BEATING MAY BE YOUR NEIGHBORS LAST CHANCE to WAKE UP!.

Ahhh yes, YOU can be the exorcist! Anyway, here it is, I strongly recommend you right click it and save it permanently:

The sound was obviously dubbed in as a joke. I wish the original sound was there rather than the joke Muslim music to taunt these fakers, but the job is still done. From the perspective, it is obvious there were theater type seats in this particular studio where whoever shot this was sitting, slightly above it all.

This indicates that this was shot in Hollywood, and NO WHERE ELSE, that is a real Hollywood type studio there, such studios complete with seats for a live audience don’t just happen anywhere, they are in very limited locations. Certainly this did not happen with Site Intelligence group, this was delivered to them after it was finished in a high class A type movie studio in an extremely high level fakery location such as Hollywood, which can now make anything look real. But the videos were quite crappy anyway, to be real about it.

I ripped this one point blank, this is going down the memory hole as soon as “they” can flush it, so my own server is issuing this to help slow the expungement process down. AS A RESULT OF THIS COMING FROM MY OWN SERVER, WHEN YOU GET THIS YOU CAN RIGHT CLICK IT AND SAVE IT, there is nothing stopping you! This is one that needs to go on your cell phone PERMANENTLY. AND I REPEAT: If the people you show this to still argue, at least scream at them, call them a POS and disassociate permanently. This is a pass/fail scenario as far as I see it.


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