Malaysian Flight MH17 Shootdown: One Year Later,We Know Who Did It And Why

Friday, July 17, 2015

I have been watching the Jew spew media lie their asses off for the last year when it comes to Malaysian flight MH17 that was shot down exactly one year ago over Ukraine…. These liars have long stuck to the false story that Malaysian flight MH17 was either blown out of the sky by ground to air missiles fired from the Ukrainian separatist forces in the eastern provinces of Ukraine, or from BUK missile batteries manned by Russian Federation forces…. It has been equally unnerving to watch the liars in the US government go up to their podiums and falsely place the blame on the Russian Federation itself as part of their sick and twisted mentality of vilifying Russia to prepare the brainwashed public for a new global war of destruction…I have done many articles already at this blog that show that the shoot down of MH17 was indeed part of a complex false flag operation conducted by the United States and Ukraine to justify war against the eastern breakaway provinces of Ukraine, and again to vilify Russia for justification for a war against the Russian Federation itself…. To mark this first anniversary of that false flag event, I want to summarize here what we do know what really happened, and to bring forward new evidence that indeed shows this was a false flag attack that did not go according to plan….

To solve the “mystery” of MH17, we must go back to March 8th, 2014, and the “disappearance” of Malaysian flight MH370 somewhere over the northeastern Indian Ocean….On that day, flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on a scheduled flight to Beijing China…. But of course we all know the story by now about how the aircraft suddenly veered off its north westerly flight path over the South China Sea and vectored over the Malaysian peninsula, where it suddenly disappeared from radar over the Adaman Sea between the peninsula itself and the island of Sumatra…. Original reports suggested that the aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean there, but search and rescue efforts found NOTHING.. Not even aircraft debris… And that is where the real mystery began….

The fact is that MH370 was purposely hijacked, forced off its normal flight path, and flown on a west by southwest vector over the Indian Ocean… The aircraft itself was radar “blinded” by usage of an American AWACS aircraft that was sent up that same fateful morning and was seen operating in the vicinity of the last radar contact by ground controllers of MH370 itself (read article here)…. This therefore became a deliberate hijacking of this aircraft by criminal US and other forces!…..

The MH370 aircraft, now blind to radar, continued on its westerly flight over the Indian Ocean and was flown purposely to the American military base at Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territories…. The proof that the aircraft was indeed there, with the passengers now hostages, came with the release of one selfie message sent from one of the plane’s passengers, Philip Wood, from Diego Garcia itself…(read article here)…. The plane’s passengers were obviously offloaded upon touchdown at Diego Garcia and ALL were murdered shortly afterwards… (Yes, the US military and government killed all 239 passengers on board)… The fact is that the Jew spew media was used to purposely hide the fact that the plane was at Diego Garcia and was used to manipulate peoples’ minds into the belief that the plane crashed elsewhere… To this day, the lies about MH370 do continue!

After MH370 landed at Diego Garcia, and its passenger eliminated (yes, these monsters care not about human life), the aircraft was quickly repainted and refueled, and flown off within days with other normal flights out of the island towards the United States.. It eventually landed at an American military base in the United States perfectly disguised as a “cargo plane”….

The reason why this aircraft was purposely hijacked is that it is the perfect flying bomb for a false flag operation.. The Boeing 777-ER fully fueled has a range of well over 5000 miles (8000 kilometers) and was large enough to carry a large amount of explosives and other ordinance…. We also have the strange situation where the Israelis themselves kept a Boeing 777, supposedly marked with Malaysian airlines colors and markings at Tel Aviv airport during the time of MH370’s “disappearance”, and for what purpose was anyone’s guess.  (read article here).   I personally suspect that Israeli aircraft has been used as a “training” aircraft and/or for a future false flag attack…..

Now comes the tricky part… Once the stolen Boeing aircraft was in the United States, a new plan was concocted between the US and Israeli governments to use that aircraft for a new false flag operation… During the last two weeks of March, 2014, there was a large nuclear conference taking place in The Hague, Netherlands, primarily to discuss Iran’s non existent “nuclear weapons” program…. Delegates from around the world were in attendance for this conference, and the psychos in Israel and the United States formulated a new plan to have that stolen Boeing 777 used as a flying bomb to attack that conference….

On the morning of March 24th, 2014… Dutch radar ground controllers detected an unauthorized aircraft coming into airspace over the Netherlands…. That aircraft was coming it with its transponders turned off, and was not responding to messages sent up from ground control… The Dutch air force quickly scrambled fighters to intercept that aircraft, which they identified as a Boeing 777 aircraft!  That aircraft was indeed the missing MH370 aircraft now loaded with explosives on a course for The Hague and the nuclear conference taking place there… (read my report here) … Luckily for everyone that aircraft was vectored out of Dutch airspace and was forced to land at an American airbase in nearby Germany…..  The first attempt to use the flying bomb MH370 aircraft had failed for the criminals, but they did not want to give up, and their flying bomb was now in Europe….

Now comes MH17 and its “scheduled” flight out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, on the morning of July 17th, 2014…..I can guarantee that some shenanigans took place, because there has been strong evidence that MH17 did  not even take off that fateful morning out of Amsterdam! (read report here)… The answer is that the plane that was MH17 was indeed absolutely not that flight and never even took off from Amsterdam…The aircraft that was now labeled as “MH17” was in reality the long missing MH370 aircraft that was flown out of Germany that same morning and was made to assume MH17’s flight path…… That aircraft was part of a newly carefully planned and conceived false flag operation by the criminals in the United States government to vilify the Russian Federation….

That flight “MH17” was a robotic remote controlled aircraft that was flown over Europe and then over Ukrainian airspace.. As part of the false flag operation, the aircraft was then purposely made to fly off of its scheduled flight path and close to the “rebel” held eastern provinces… At that point, the remote aircraft was also intercepted as part of the plan by Ukrainian aircraft which proceeded to put one or two air to air missiles into the plane itself…. The aircraft was blown out of the sky and landed in “rebel” held territory….

One really gruesome part of the entire MH17 fiasco was the fact that as part of the false flag operation, the long dead passengers from MH370 that had been kept in “cold storage” were reloaded onto the aircraft while the plane sat at that American airbase in Germany…. The criminals who concocted the operation came up with the notion of finally disposing of the evidence of their mass murder of the passengers of MH370 by having the evidence part of the planned shootdown of MH17 over Ukraine… The evidence of this part of the entire atrocity came when original crash scene responders reported that the bodies pulled out of the MH17 wreckage were ALREADY DEAD! ( see article here)…. Yes, the lunatics behind the entire MH17 fiasco are that evil and psychotic….

The evidence that the now shot down MH17 plane is indeed the long missing MH370 aircraft came with reports about the configuration of the windows of the aircraft at the crash site…. The markings on the aircraft were all wrong for the supposed MH17 aircraft, and shows clear evidence that the aircraft is indeed MH370! (see article here) … The fact is that to this day, proper investigation of the actual crash site and even the aircraft parts collected has been blocked by the United States itself… Everyone should be asking themselves why the US state department and the Ukrainian government is absolutely refusing proper investigation, and the answer is obvious….

But like other false flag operations, the MH17 cover story fell apart almost instantly… The liars in the Jew spew media continued and still continue to harp that the plane was shot down by ground launched missiles from either the Ukainian “rebels” or by the Russian Federation itself… To this day, these liars have been proven just that…Liars… and their stories are now so full of holes that even anyone with just simple research can see that the plane was indeed shot down by air to air missiles….

Now one year later, the mystery of MH17 continues, and the public is generally kept in the dark about the real truth about this flight…. The Russian government has shown again and again how the US government is nothing but outright liars as they have constantly put forward evidence that they indeed had absolutely nothing to do with the shoot down of this Boeing 777 aircraft… In fact, new evidence just surfaced yesterday showing that the actual air to air missiles used for the shootdown were manufactured by none other than Israel (see article here)… No shock to me about evidence showing Israeli involvement in this false flag operation….

So exactly what was MH17?  It was a planned false flag operation to vilify both the Russian Federation and the eastern Ukrainian separatists that failed miserably……The fact is that the truth about this fiasco will eventually come out for all to see, and that day to me cannot come soon enough for right now the lunatics in our governments are indeed planning newer and more bold false flag operations….. It is time for people to finally wake the hell up and see what kind of sick world we truly do live in…


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  1. Very interesting way of connecting the dots…who is the author?

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