NASA’s latest ritual working mission is rife with the dominant theme of our times, Death.

As you would expect NASA’s “New Horizons” mission is replete with the usual ersatz-Egyptian-via-occult-Freemasonry symbolism, a habit that’s been so exhaustively documented it doesn’t need to be explained to regular readers of this blog.
But it’s also filled with curious details, ones that make even the most jaded NASA-watcher scratch their heads and wonder just what is going on. To start with, there’s this odd story:

Artist’s Decades-Old Painting of Pluto Is Eerily Accurate 

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is currently sending back the most detailed pictures of Pluto ever taken. But if the images from the historic flyby look just a little familiar to you, there might be a good reason why.

A new image of the dwarf planet tweeted by NASA yesterday bears a striking resemblance to a painting of Pluto created in 1979 – before any detailed information about this far-off celestial body was known and it was nothing more than a tiny blur through even the best telescopes.

Longtime readers know that 1979 was a touchstone year for high strangeness so what this particular artist was tapping into is anyone’s guess. Of course, hardcore NASA skeptics will argue that this proves yet again that this is just more smoke and mirrors, and they leaked this story before they got caught out on the fakery. I have no idea what to make of it at the moment.

Tombaugh had his own close encounters

That this is an obvious and explicit ritual, aside from whatever its value as a mission, should be apparent from the fact that the remains of the astronomer who discovered Pluto were inserted to the “New Horizons” (“New Horus-Zones,” which we’ll get to shortly) vehicle:

When a NASA probe whizzed past Pluto on Tuesday, the man who discovered the dwarf planet 85 years ago was there. 

A small amount of the ashes of American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh are on board the New Horizons spacecraft, which has spent more than nine years traveling to the outer reaches of the solar system.

And just as the dead had obols (today thought of as pennies) placed over their eyes (or in the mouth) to pay their way to the Underworld in ancient times, Tombaugh’s remains were accompanied by two quarters (among many other hidden symbols). Our modern knowledge of these kinds of customs (many of which were tinged with influences from the Mysteries) was revived by a group of scholars known as the Cambridge Ritualists, who were greatly influenced by Freemasons like James Frazer.

According to the must-read Tellers of Weird Tales blog, there’s a link between Pluto and astronomy buff H.P. Lovecraft, with many Lovecraft fans citing Pluto as Yuggoth, even though the distant planetling hadn’t yet been discovered when the story in question was written. More Plutonian remote viewing? You decide:

At about the same time that Tombaugh was poring over photographic plates in search of the elusive Planet X, a writer was at work on a new story in faraway Providence, Rhode Island. The writer was Howard Phillips Lovecraft, then in his fortieth year and enjoying some success as an author of pulp fiction. His story progressed through the year 1930 and was finally finished in September. A year later, in the same month that Lovecraft turned forty-one, the magazine Weird Tales published “The Whisperer in Darkness.” 

“[T]he dark planet Yuggoth, at the rim of the solar system” would seem to refer to the newly discovered Pluto. Lovecraft is supposed to have suggested as much. Yet the concept of Yuggoth predates the discovery of the planet, for Lovecraft penned a series of sonnets, entitled “The Fungi from Yuggoth,” between December 27, 1929, and January 4, 1930.  

As it happens, Lovecraftian themes have reared their heads again in relation to Pluto, this time in the naming process for topographical features there. From a story on the process:

Places on Pluto are Being Named for Your Darkest Imaginings

Meng-p’o: Buddhist goddess of forgetfulness and amnesia, tasked in the underworld with ensuring reincarnated souls will not remember their previous lives.Cthulhu: an elder god from HP Lovecraft mixing features of man, octopus, and dragon. Krun: one of five Mandaean lords of the underworld, nicknamed “Mountain-of-Flesh” Ala: Odianai goddess of earth, morality, fertility, and creativity. Balrog: monster able to shroud itself in fire, darkness, and shadow, and the apparent killer of Galdalf the Grey in the Lord of the Rings. Vucub-Came and Hun-Came: Mayan hero-twins and death gods

This is nothing new, as the symbolism of death and Hell already permeates the planet and its satellites.

Each of the mini-moons have their own already-announced themes. Styx, river the dead cross into the underworld, will be collecting river gods. Nix, personification of the night itself, will take on all the other night deities. Kerbeos, the hellhound of Hades, will be collecting canines from literature, mythology, and history.

Kerebeos, aka Cerberus, is worth mentioning given this latest story from the New Horizons team on a curious feature they’ve claimed to have sighted:

NASA and the team behind its New Horizons spacecraft announced today that Pluto — the dwarf planet — has a giant tail.

One also wonders if the lighting of the Empire State Building on the 17th, ostensibly to mark the end of Ramadan, didn’t have an entirely different meaning altogether. One highly significant to the Pluto mission.

Pluto was the lord of death and the Underworld in Roman mythology, a role filled by Osiris, the green man, in Egyptian mythology.The Empire State Building is inarguably a Masonic landmark, lying as it does on the corner of 33rd St. and Fifth Ave (the five-pointed star being sacred to Masons). Osiris died on the 17th,  leading to the drama involving the fashioning of an artificial phallus to conceive his son Horus. Now take another look at the picture of the ESB again and ask if there was not an occult significance at work.

We now find out that Pluto has water ice and Osiris was represented by water in all its forms. That NASA openly reveres Osiris is blatantly obvious by this tortured acronym.
“New Horizons” is another double entendre, in that the root word of horizon in the Greek is horos, and in his most important incarnation, Horus was formally known as Horakthy (alternately Ra-Horakthy), or Horus of the Two Horizons.

 But there was another strange detail to this mission, one that also ties it directly back to Horus. A picture taken of Pluto showed this heart-shape, which will remind Secret Sun readers of the identical image in the movie Hancock, in which superhero Will Smith creates a red heart on the Moon for Jason Bateman’s character, Ray.
Ray’s name in the original screenplay was Horus.
For my part I can’t help but wonder if the Pluto dog and pony show isn’t a distraction. This is nothing but the vaguest hunch but I can’t help but wonder if this is just a fly-by for the media and the real target of this mission lies in the space beyond. 
We’re starting to hear serious people talk about Planet X again, even in the context of there being a Planet X and a brown dwarf. From
Search for Potential ‘Planet X’ Far From Over 
The hunt for the hypothetical “Planet X” has been fruitless so far, but that doesn’t mean astronomers are calling it off.
A new analysis of data collected by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft revealed no sign of the mysterious Planet X hypothesized to exist in the outer solar system. But scientists are keeping up the search for a planet or dim star far from the sun.
That this is being published at all indicates that there’s more than speculation going on behind closed doors. And if in fact these objects do have idiosyncratic orbits and periodically enter the outskirts of our cosmic neighborhood, that would make a lot of people very nervous.
It could well be that there is concern about serious trouble (maybe even a potential extinction-level event) in some quarters, and that this signaling behavior is the oldest kind of petition to the oldest kind of gods. If indeed this probe’s real mission is much, much further out than Pluto, I won’t be surprised. I don’t believe anything NASA says about anything anymore.


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