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This video will blow your mind

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Superhuman world of the Iceman

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Man-made weather modification technology used to blackmail humanity

Friday, October 23, 2015


HAARMIT: Man-made weather modification technology used to blackmail humanity

UPDATED:  October 23, 2015CNN is reporting that Hurricane Patricia, a storm of unprecedented proportions is heading towards the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  I ask…what did Mexico dooooo? Did it not pay the extortion moneys?
Proof that Man Made Weather Modification Technology
is being used to blackmail humanity–and destroy the Planet
Global Warming/Climate Change–this is one controversy I hesitate to comment on.  I just don’t know enough about the science.  All I know is….the climate where I live IS a lot warmer than it used to be when I was a child.  The clouds are a lot different too.  There were no chemtrails then.  All this is anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately, anecdotal evidence has been given a bum rap over the past few decades. Not coincidentally, this is also when all the messing around with the weather has occurred.
I highly recommend everyone watch the above video.  This presentation on man-made hurricanes smells a lot like the truth to me.  The truth has a distinctive smell, as do the lies being constantly put out by the evil ones.  “Global warming” (caused by carbon burning) smells like lies.  I believe the Global warming is nothing but a secretly imposed blackmail system on countries in the world.  The sting goes like this.  If you don’t pay a hefty “carbon tax” aka blackmail payout…we will visit your country with a drought, an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood…what have you.
The above video gives a very convincing explanation as to how it’s done….by the US Navy.  Anyone who doesn’t believe in the extreme powers of microwave technology is invited to place an unopened can of beans in their microwave oven and turn it on “High” for 10 minutes.Go ahead and DO IT…if you don’t believe that microwaves can cause a lot of damage.  Now, imagine millions times more powerful microwaves than your microwave oven is capable of.  And, according to the video above…all these microwaves do is stir up an already powerful energy potential within the ionosphere….and then steer it in a certain direction…towards the intended target.
I have believed for at least a decade now that this is what a very evil element that has taken over the US military is doing with electromagnetic and microwave technology.  This evil group is connected to the Wall Street Banksters and is blackmailing US Cities and foreign countries such as Mexico, Bermuda and the Bahamas…with catastrophic storms if they don’t pay extortion in the form of “weather insurance” to the corporate Wall street bankster mafia.
The cabal is also simultaneously systematically destroying the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean by punching holes in the Ozone each time they perpetrate this criminal weather modification. These holes permit destructive UV radiation to enter the atmosphere and into the oceans, killing all life. Can you imaging the psychopathy that lurks in the shriveled “brains” of these monsters?
IMO, the only force that can expose, capture and bring these monsters to justice is Russia and Putin. I hereby call on Putin urgently to bring all the Russian technological and military powers to bear in order to identify, locate, round up and incarcerate these monsters–before they destroy our planet.

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