Rapid Human Cloning

Has it been deployed?

Snips from: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/09/13/rapid-human-cloning/ 


Have rapid-cloned “human replacements” already been made in regular American daily life? 

For some years now there have been rumors from respected insiders that some politicians, corporate heads and top entertainers have been rapid cloned and replaced.

During the last presidential election period of 2016, some astute researchers noted several different appearances of Hillary Clinton, suggesting the use of doubles (it was noticeable, if you study all the photos taken). I had one top Intel man tell me that “maybe she is dead and was cloned”. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but it seemed that he wasn’t.

Some reacted to Hillary’s sudden illness at the 9-11-01 commemoration, where she stiffened up, and her aides tossed her into her ambulance (converted to look like an ordinary van) like a bag of potatoes.

This video clip is one of the strangest ever recorded and is available on Youtube.com. The Hillary that day looked different and younger than usual. Her appearance changed so much during the debates and rallies that it was hard to tell which double was there.

That afternoon, after the commemoration when she emerged in public “cured”, a closer look showed that she was much thinner and did not look much like the original Hillary, plus she had no Secret Service men with her.

There was a leaked DNC email of Huma Abedin which claimed Hillary Clinton was having frequent seizures and was ill. Could she have died and was she replaced by a clone that looked and acted like her, but had some serious CNS glitches of the sort that clones allegedly suffer from? Or is she so sick that she doesn’t go out much and sends her clone instead? We will probably never be able to find out for sure.

Don’t expect the USG or the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to come clean soon on any of this. Their first concern is that potential enemies could gain important information on such research.

Their second concern is that after over 60 years of the blatant and monstrous lies they have told to the American people, the masses would never forgive them and would never trust them or believe anything they said, ever again. And they expect that it would bring the current USG and SSG crashing down on their heads.


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