At Christmas, Yemen More Defiant than Ever

December 26, 2017

(left, man stands in wreckage after Saudi attack)
The West exhibits its moral bankruptcy
by seeking to reimpose a dictatorship
on the people of Yemen. 
An Update from our Yemen Correspondent
From last year:
The author is a young Yemeni housewife with a degree in English residing in central Sana’a. She is an example of the fact that Muslims are our allies in the resistance to the Zionist Occupational Government of the West. The Zionists are behind war, terrorism, ISIS and Islamophobia.
by Voiceless Yemen
I just wanted to get you updated on some of developments out of Yemen in the last couple of weeks.
As you might of seen, the Saudis and emirates used their last card, in former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, in an attempt to bring Yemen back under its control. On December 3rd, Saleh announced his breakup from the alliance in Sanaa which was the only political force facing and resisting the ‘Arab Coalition’ invasion and destruction of Yemen.
Saleh’s betrayal was not surprising since he didn’t contribute much to the alliance other than through speeches and empty promises throughout the three years of US/Saudi/British/Israeli/Emirati aggression. In hindsight, the plan was to keep Saleh as a chip if all options failed, which they did.
The last 33 months in Yemen have been nothing short of hellish, but miraculous as well. Not only has Yemen been able to stand up and resist a some 20-nation military aggression and political isolation as well as catastrophic economic blockade, but we have also endured biological warfare in the form of Cholera outbreak, media blackout and a devilishly biased UN from the Security Council to the ‘Human Rights’ bodies.
In the midst of all this suffering and plight, Yemen’s forces have been able to do something no other Arab nation has done before. The military has been able to modify old and outdated Scud and Toshka missiles and reach targets in Riyadh (1200 km) and Abu Dhabi (1500km). The most recent targets were King Khalid international airport in Riyadh, a nuclear facility in Abu Dhabi and the Royal Palace in Riyadh (just last week).
The level of conspiracy Yemen has had to endure is evident in the blatant media lies not only about the cause of the war or the numbers surrounding the dead and injured, but also involving these missile attacks. The MSM quickly jumps to report the interception of the missiles before they hit target; the Saudi paid-version. In reality, all these majors missile attacks have hit targets. In the case of the airport, there are youtube videos from inside the airport which confirm the hit. The NYT also confirmed the hit a few days ago but only after they lied and circulated the Saudi paid version for days after the missile launch.
The most recent missile targeted the Royal Palace in Riyadh on December 19th . Initial reports from Reuters claimed a large explosion in Riyadh. Again, but backtracking this time, the media jumped to report the paid US and Saudi version of interception of missile before it hit. The US does not want it to be known the miserable and utter failure of their Patriot system. Four days later though, in a US Foreign Department tweet in Arabic, it appears that they acknowledged and confirmed the missile did in fact hit the palace!
Who knew that Yemen would be able to crawl from the depths of this onslaught and claim its right and establish itself as a power player in the region. After 1000 plus days of uncalled for onslaught and aggression against largely civilian targets, I assure you, the Saudis and the US will have no choice but to subside their arrogance and haughtiness when dealing with Yemen in the days ahead.

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