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Time to End the Special US-UK Relationship

EIR May 27, 2018

If the Brits don’t fess up and cooperate, then sanction them in a targeted fashion, starting with the City of London financial center, the heart of the new British Empire. This is the swamp which must be drained, the actual parasite now sucking the life out of the U.S. economy:…..

A British Operation from the Beginning

We have learned in the past week that the Obama Administration and the British planted a long-time CIA/MI6 asset, Stefan Halper, to run operations against the Trump presidential campaign. As a matter of convenience, it has been claimed that Halper was an FBI informant, since MI6 and the CIA can’t legally spy on Americans. But his pedigree is solidly MI-6 and CIA, as we shall see. Revelations to date, point to Halper’s role in creating a trail of fake evidence linking the Trump campaign to Russia in the hopes of derailing Trump’s presidential campaign amidst fake charges amounting to treason. The same fake evidence has been picked up and used in Robert Mueller’s inquisition against the Trump Presidency. It remains an open question to this writer whether Halper is the Trump campaign “informant” the FBI told British agent Christopher Steele about in the course of the FBI’s illicit relationship with Steele —or even the sole informant. Christopher Steele, of course, is the author of the dirty MI6 dossier claiming that Trump was a Manchurian candidate personally compromised by Vladimir Putin. The Steele dossier has been a staple for the media and, until recently, the backbone of the entire Russiagate hoax. Over the past year, through the dogged investigation of the few brave men in the U.S. House and Senate, Steele’s ravings have been exposed as a classic cash-for-trash dirty trick, paid for by Hillary Clinton, but legitimized and spun to the media by the Obama White House, FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA and DNI.

President Trump has displayed extraordinary courage in facing down a hostile intelligence community and their national media assets which control, for all practical purposes, the majority of the U.S. Congress. “Spygate,” and the recent feistiness by the President and his legal team, means this fight could be a major turning point for the better in U.S. history, provided that the President has popular support and aims at the most vulnerable flank of the operations against him –-the illegal British intervention into the U.S. election — in which Stefan Halper and his close friend, Sir Richard Dearlove, were extremely significant players.

The British actors who continue to play the central role in the coup against Donald Trump, hope that all the endless and tantalizing details being dumped about the coup — Michael Cohen, porn star Stormy Daniels, and whatever other barnyard remnants the “Resistance” is able to throw at the American people —will combine with the anti-Russian blind spot of U.S. Congressional investigators to bury the truth, the actual story here. The actual story, which we explore below, is that the British and their friends in the Obama Administration ran a full counterintelligence and information warfare operation against the American presidential campaign of Donald Trump, because they knew that Trump could win the election against Hillary Clinton, an uninspiring robot candidate who had completely lost touch with any Americans not associated with the bi-coastal elites.

As Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly insisted, this was an international operation, not something confined to the United States. The British establishment—in shock over the popular revolt represented in the Brexit vote, finding similar dissent throughout their European colonies, being outflanked by Putin in Syria and Ukraine, viewing China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a deadly strategic threat, and sitting on top of a hopeless speculative financial powder keg — faced the danger, if Clinton lost, of losing the United States, as their designated gendarme for the world.

They panicked. As MI6’s Christopher Steele confessed to former DOJ Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, he and his friends across the pond were “desperate to stop Trump’s election.” They launched a furious operation to destroy Donald Trump because of Trump’s determination to seek a new, collaborative relationship with Putin and Russia and because of Trump’s pledge to end the U.S. role as world policeman. They found willing collaborators in the Obama and Clinton partisans manning the Department of Justice and Obama’s intelligence agencies, and in their longstanding assets in the United States. According to George Neumayr’s explosive report in the American Spectator of May 22nd, John Brennan said his extraordinary and completely illegal convening of an inter-agency task force at CIA headquarters to attack the Trump campaign in the early spring of 2016 was the result of Trump putting “the special relationship” with the British at risk. After assuming the Presidency, Trump refused to back down on his quest for better relations with Russia, despite everything they have thrown at him. In addition, he formed a personal friendship with China’s Xi Jinping. As a result, Perfidious Albion has doubled down on its machinations. It has acted to continue the coup while engaging in provocations and false flag operations against Russia, such as the Skripal poisoning hoax and the bogus claim that Assad used chemical weapons against Syria’s citizens. They seek to corner Trump into obedience, to cause his impeachment, or both.

But in their panic, they have been reckless and exposed themselves, bringing into the open the types of classified and clandestine activities that are not meant to survive the light of day. They can hardly start an operation these days —for example, the faked Skripal poisoning hoax—before alert and alarmed citizens and journalists call their bluff.

Don’t expect to find the story about this British operation in the files of the DOJ or FBI. Whole chunks of information about this operation exist only in the files and recorded interactions of the Obama White House, Obama’s CIA, DNI, Treasury Department, and State Department as well as the British old boy spy networks and “private” spy companies affiliated with Sir Richard Dearlove, and with the official British spy agencies, MI6, and GCHQ. Senator Rand Paul has taken the right approach by forcing this issue with the new head of the CIA, Gina Haspel. Senator Paul has demanded to know what Haspel knows about the British/US spy operations against the President. Haspel, a devotee of MI6, a Russia hater, and an acolyte of John Brennan, was the CIA station chief in London during the entire 2014-2017 time period, and, thus, either a key player in these operations or someone who knows a whole lot about them.

In our view, the relevant documents to be targeted for declassification in U.S. agencies include the following:

(1) all the documents referencing the allegations fed by the British, NATO allies, Ukraine, or Estonia, to U.S. agencies concerning the Trump campaign’s alleged connections to Russia beginning no later than 2015, if not earlier;
(2) all documents referencing the claim that Trump was a Manchurian candidate, a Putin puppet, as circulated through the Clinton campaign, the news media, and the Obama White House, State Department, CIA and FBI;
(3) all documents concerning the summer 2016 face to face meeting between John Brennan, GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan;
(4) all documents referencing British knowledge of an alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committees computers dating from 2015 or earlier; all documents in which the CIA’s Marble framework was used to falsely attribute cyberattacks to nation states; all documents pertaining to Wikileaks acquisition of the DNC and Podesta emails; and all documents pertaining to former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney’s meeting with Mike Pompeo concerning the alleged DNC/Podesta hacks;
(5) all documents concerning surveillance and counterintelligence tools deployed against the Trump campaign and transition as the result of Executive Order 12333 or other classified techniques;
(6) all documents concerning entrapment and infiltration exercises conducted against the campaign, including, specifically, all State Department and intelligence agency documents concerning the June, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.
These documents and all the documents presently under subpoena or otherwise requested by the House Intelligence Committee, House Judiciary Committee, House Government Affairs Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee related to the Trump/Russia investigation should be declassified now and shared with the American public.

To complete the picture, the President should also demand that the British provide him with all information from their side of the pond, concerning the role of British intelligence services or British intelligence-related operatives in attempting to discredit both himself and Vladimir Putin in the operation popularly known as “Russiagate,”an operation which continues to the present day on both sides of the Atlantic and throughout Europe. While the President’s allies in the Congress have proved to be terrific and courageous investigators, they are blinded by years of British brainwashing and partisan legends about Putin and Russia. They are attempting to sell the fake story that the Russians manipulated the elections but did so only benefit to Hillary Clinton or to sew “divisiveness” in an already deeply polarized and divided American public.

If the Brits don’t fess up and cooperate, then sanction them in a targeted fashion, starting with the City of London financial center, the heart of the new British Empire. This is the swamp which must be drained, the actual parasite now sucking the life out of the U.S. economy



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Washington Post Denies US Meddling in Cambodia, Cites US Meddlers

29.05.2018 Author: Tony Cartalucci


Washington is attempting to seize on momentum produced by a sweeping victory for US-backed opposition in Malaysia by ratcheting up pressure across the rest of Southeast Asia through US-funded opposition groups, US-funded media, and US-funded and directed fronts posing as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

This includes in Cambodia where the opposition headed by the now jailed Kem Sokha has been barred from elections. Kem Sokha is in prison after being convicted of sedition. Kem Sokha had trekked to Washington annually for years to lobby US senators like Richard Durbin and John McCain for support. He had repeatedly bragged about conspiring with the US government to seize power.

The Phnom Penh Post in its article, “Kem Sokha video producer closes Phnom Penh office in fear,” would quote Kem Sokha who claimed (emphasis added):

And, the USA that has assisted me, they asked me to take the model from Yugoslavia, Serbia, where they can changed the dictator Slobodan Milosevic,” he continues, referring to the former Serbian and Yugoslavian leader who resigned amid popular protests following disputed elections, and died while on trial for war crimes.

“You know Milosevic had a huge numbers of tanks. But they changed things by using this strategy, and they take this experience for me to implement in Cambodia. But no one knew about this.”

Of course, even the New York Times admitted that the US government had likewise overthrown the government of Serbia through networks like the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its subsidiaries Freedom House, the International Republican Institute (IRI), and the National Democratic Institute (NDI). It should be noted that Senator McCain chairs the IRI.

Yet despite the open conspiracy to overthrow Cambodia’s government and install a US client regime headed by Kem Sokha and his Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), there have been attempts across the Western media to deny Washington’s role, particularly in the wake of now years of accusing and condemning what the US calls “Russian meddling” in US politics and elections.

Washington Post Denies US Meddling by Citing an Army of US Meddlers 

The Washington Post in an article written by Anna Fifield titled, “The former Khmer Rouge commander who still leads Cambodia is again stoking anti-American sentiment,” begins not as a work of journalism, but as an overt smear against anyone who suspects US meddling in Cambodia:

The United States has been busy in Cambodia these past few months, if Hun Sen’s government is to be believed. Between trying to overthrow the government and secretly backing the now-dissolved opposition party, it has been supporting journalists who report “fake news” and spy for Washington. 

Oh, and the CIA has assassinated a prominent political analyst. (Never mind that the analyst was actually a critic of the government and should therefore have been on the CIA’s side, if the conspiracy theories are to be consistent.)

One would believe that the Washington Post’s initially unprofessional introduction would be balanced by a factual, point-by-point rebuttal of accusations concerning US meddling in Cambodia.

Instead, the first source cited by the Washington Post is Naly Pilorge, head of the Phnom Penh-based “human rights organization” Licadho, who claims the US is being unfairly treated as a “boogeyman.”

The Washington Post never provides any background regarding Licadho. Those who take Washington Post’s narratives at face value likely assumed the organization is independent. Those who actually visit Licadho’s website will find a long list of US and European sponsors providing it tens of thousands of dollars in funding – including USAID.

Next, the Washington Post cites Kem Monovithya, the daughter of Kem Sokha who lives in Washington D.C. and is a regular attendee of US government events organized to provide support for Kem Sokha and his CNRP.

The article also mentions that the Cambodian government shuttered “independent media,” but then cites US government-funded and run Radio Free Asia and Voice of America – both of which fall under the US government’s Broadcasting Board of Governors chaired by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself, and Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Heather Nauert among others.

The Washington Post also cites Nop Vy, executive director of the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM). Again, like Licadho, a quick visit to the CCIM’s website reveals that it is funded by multiple US NED subsidiaries including Freedom House and IRI as well as the British Embassy and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Next is the Cambodia Daily, which the Washington Post claims is an “independent” and “influential English-language newspaper.” However, the Cambodia Daily was founded and is owned by an American, Bernard Krisher.

From Cambodia’s opposition political party itself, to media organizations supporting it, to supposed “rights advocates” opposed to the current Cambodian government, the Washington Post failed to name one that was not either directly funded and run out of Washington, or literally living in Washington.

All About China 

The Washington Post’s article concludes by noting China’s increased role in supporting Cambodia, including military cooperation and even alleged help in establishing media outlets such as Fresh News to reflect the government’s side of the story.

The Washington Post depicts this as somehow the tides turning against “freedom” and “democracy,” apparently unable to appreciate the rich irony demonstrated throughout the entire article. If Beijing helped create favorable media for Cambodia’s current government – Washington helped the opposition create a tidal wave of unfavorable media against it.

The article also makes mention of neighboring Thailand – another nation US regime change is hard at work against – with a similar network of US-funded fronts aimed at the current government in Bangkok, the nation’s powerful military, and its popular constitutional monarchy.

It is clear that Cambodia’s political conflict is not one between democracy and dictatorship – but of US-backed proxies representing interests in Washington and on Wall Street from the other side of the planet, versus an incumbent government who has chosen to build ties with a nation residing in the same region – Asia – with whom Cambodia shares many historical, cultural, economic, and political ties.

US “Democracy Promotion” is by Definition Undemocratic 

The fig leaf of “democracy’ blows away in the wind for US meddling and propaganda like Anna Fifield’s article in the Washington Post when realizing democracy’s first and foremost purpose is self-determination – not a fate and future determined by Washington.

The opposition, media, and “rights advocates” the US finds itself funding around the globe require such funding because they represent agendas local populations see straight through and do not support themselves. It would seem a group unable to find any support among the people it claims to represent – and thus resorts to taking foreign cash and support – couldn’t be any more undemocratic.

For the Washington Post whose slogan is, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” an article that cites sources whose relevant backgrounds and conflicts of interests are intentionally concealed from readers is a cloak of darkness itself.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”.

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US, French, UK, Establish More Bases In Syria To Push Breakup Of Country


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
May 21, 2018

As virtually all pretense of leaving Syria has vanished from the rhetoric of the White House, American and French soldiers have now moved into Kurdish held territory in Northern Syria near Manbij in an effort to prevent Turkish military operations aimed at clearing the Kurds from the border area as well as any Syrian attempt to liberate Northern Syria from Turkish terrorists.

The United States has established at least two new bases in the area near Manbij and French Special Forces have been deployed alongside the Americans.

If there was any belief that America was planning to leave Syria, that belief should now be dispelled. This is not an exit strategy, it is an occupation. It is also an attempt to solidify the “federalization” of Syria through foreign military forces acting as a deterrent to liberation.

Early on, it was reported by sources within the Kurdish/jihadist SDF that French forces were moving about in SDF territory. Shortly after those reports, photos were acquired by Sputnik that showed not only French but American forces working together in SDF territory. The photo showed two armored vehicles with military personnel in and next to them, one with a French flag and one with a US flag. The picture was taken in the area of the Sajur River in the Manbij area.

According to a senior member of the Military Council of Manbij cited by Sputnik, about 50 French soldiers were stationed in the area. On April 5, it was reported that French military forces were busy constructing a military base in the north of Manbij.

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