Income Tax Canada

This video argues 3 things:

1  Income Tax is unlawful in Canada

2.  Tax is for the benefit of the bankers

2  The govt. of Canada has no lawful authority to exist


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  1. Laurence Austib

    Wally has provided additional confirmation as to the fraudulent actions of the so called governments of Canada. He never names the Statute of Westminster Dec.1th, 1931 by King George V but mentions the Privy counsel of England and informative statements and declarations. There has never been a sovereign Legislated Provincial Government let alone a Federal one appointed by the ONLY sovereign citizens of the country. The BNA ACT. was a British Act. not sovereign to any in Canada and just a guide suggesting a course for positive health government and what crap to call it a Constitution. What happened was elites behind the curtain usurped country powers using stooges installed by their media in a Corporate entity they named CANADA. They never provided full disclosure to all province citizens about the UK statute of 1931 for fear of losing dictatorial authority. They then created further corporate tax paying members by their created Parliament or Federal Government repeating the same concept within each Province across the land. The clever part was then by creating citizen live birth records so as to further create all citizens as CORPORATIONS and using words like PERSON etc.
    They employed the same UNITED STATES legal fiction expressed and structured by Edward Mandel House around 1910.That house of cards is falling apart by disclosure now in the 4 ORGANIC laws OF THE US Code.
    All individual bank and government documents are in All CAPS creating Pledges and Trusts. In Canada check out terms “The Queen in Right of Province and Canada”
    The escape for people is there but the system does not make it easy.
    We all must get educated and bide time watching how things develop by DE JURE laws demanded in the UK by both New Zealand and Australia who now know the TRUTH. Canada is the 3rd Colony noted.
    In the meantime revisit a movie and book named the “Wizard of Oz”. an allegory that a Frank B years ago tried to tell us what was in the cards and stay healthy by the International bankers.

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