Defeated Terrorist Mercs Returning Home… to Canada

Posted on by willyloman

by Scott Creighton

The Syrian people are winning in their battle against our proxy armies and those few who were not Wahabbists and Salafists from Saudi Arabia, are licking their wounds and returning home to the various Westernized nations they came from.

We have seen hundreds returning to various European countries and some coming back here to the States after a couple years of raping and murdering and beheading and stealing resources from the people of another nation. All at the behest of some unknown agency which recruited and hired them in the first place. Big adventure. Go be a terrorist in another country. See the world and rape it’s citizens.

Are we expected too say “thank you for your service” when we see them on the street?

I wonder if they’ll get life-time healthcare from the VA.

I wonder if they were promised jobs in any police department they wanted when and if they returned victorious.

But they didn’t did they and now folks are calling for them to be locked up… in Canada.

Yep. Canada has desperate idiots just like we do and cruel, corrupt monsters to recruit and train them… just like we do.

And just like us, Canada is seeing an influx of jihadists flooding back to their shores saying things like “I was once a terrorist. Oops. Sorry. Can I have an unemployment check now?”

Funny thing is, the official Royal Mounted Police position on the subject is exactly that… “though they were terrorists and broke all kinds of laws and violated all manner of codes of human decency… they are disillusioned with “ISIS” right now… so let’s not bother arresting them”

What would you expect from Canada’s version of the FBI?

For all of us who have been writing for YEARS that al Qaeda, al Nusra and ISIS were nothing more than a proxy army of mercenary thugs working for us and Britain and Israel… this is kind of a vindication of sorts.

In a way it’s kind of like that moment after Israel destroys the Dome of the Rock and builds their glorious temple in the rubble and waits and waits and waits for the Messiah to return… and he never does… because there’s no such thing as a “Messiah”

Kind of a “come to Jesus” moment if you don’t mind the pun.

Yes, Canada… there are monsters in the world but “ISIS”, al Qaeda and al Nusra… they aren’t what you think. They’re actually your uncles and your neighbors and the gal you went to high school with, and your former co-workers and your current drinking buddy at the bar. They are all these people… not “da ebil Muslims” you’ve been told they were. Not “radicalized” by anything other than the creed of greed.

Bitter pill huh?

You think that’s bad? Try this one…

Imagine what neighbors like that will be willing to do in the future for a buck. Huh? Right? AND… they are already in the network so to speak. Just walking around Canada in plain clothes, protected by your government, getting a monthly check for services rendered… and waiting for their next assignment.

Funny thing about folks who become the kinds of monsters that can do the things they did “over there” to other, innocent human beings (women and children mostly)… that kind of training is valuable and will be in demand again very soon for someone.


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