HOW COME, when using trigonometry, the status quo claimed Earth/Moon distance appears to be a lie???

Anybody who read this post should verify what is stated here! The curvature issues of the Earth (if it really exist) in the calculations are negligible, about 4-6 inches per miles. Perhaps +/- 10%. Even with great “swinging” of the viewing angles of the Moon.

Let’s start out that somewhere on the surface of the Earth, the Moon is DIRECTLY above an observer. The diameter of the Earth at the equator is a little less than 8000 miles, so we have an 8000 miles diameter Earth “disc” as our foundation.

Now, picture that the observer who observes the Moon, which is directly above him/her is in the center of this Earth “disc”. From this observer, the Moon is on an average of 239,000 miles away, according to status quo claim.

Now, picture another observer, who is some distance away from the center observer and to this second observer, the Moon is seen from a 55 degree angle. Keep in mind that the first observer views the Moon from a 90 degree angle.

Using trigonometry, tan 239,000/1.42814801 = 167349.6

So, the distance between the two observers is 167349.6 miles.
How could the two observers be 167349.6 miles apart on an 8000 mile diameter Earth “disc”?????

Here are the links to do your own calculations.



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