Sandy Hook Girls Killed Still Alive?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Remember The Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax? Interesting Image May Indeed Show Some Of The Young Girls “Killed” At That Shooting Very Much Alive Today!

I have been out and about today taking care of some family business…. I also went and visited my aging mother, who is still quite well in case anyone is asking….. I honestly did not want to post any new material today, but instead get some rest and relaxation this evening and work on my weekend rant tomorrow… However, an astute reader sent me a link to a most interesting picture, and he asked me to do an article about it for the fact that it definitely blows massive holes in the Sandy Hook fraud shooting of almost 6 and 1/2 years ago… I figured I would oblige…

Most people remember that fake shooting at “Sandy Hook Elementary School” from December 14th, 2012, where we were told in “official” reports that some 26 students and teachers, and the “shooter” by the name of “Adam Lanza” were all killed….. It was hammered into gullible peoples’ minds almost incessantly for years now after that event that it was REAL, but luckily I and others that have spent years now tearing the “official” story apart know otherwise…..   And what I was sent by that commentator does indeed make people stop and say “Hmmmmmm..”….. I therefore want to post up the following picture that shows what apparently are the female “victims” of that fake shooting at Sandy Hook from 2012 gathered together for a photo “op” recently and which shows definitely that they are all very much alive and well… Here is that image:

I also was informed that many “social media” sites as well as the criminals behind Google and other platforms are now working as hard as possible to have that image destroyed…. It makes sense, due to the fact that the image does indeed show the alleged female “victims” from that alleged shooting very much alive and well!  This action alone means that this picture is most probably authentic and once again proves that everyone was indeed treated as SUCKERS for stupidly believing the Sandy Hook shootings to be real!

I for one do NOT want to see this image destroyed, and want to request as many people as possible to copy and save this image for posterity….. For IF it indeed does show these young women very much alive and well and not “killed at Sandy Hook” then someone, especially the crooked US government, has some serious explaining to do….

I must state that I questioned Sandy Hook from the very beginning and within a few days called this one a massive fraud and a fake shooting…. I have stood my ground for years now, and with this new image coming forward, I and others are once again vindicated………

More to come




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