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Ruthless Fake Taxmen From Call Center in India Terrorizing 10,000 UK Residents a Day


Monday, March 18, 2019

Britons fleeced by fake taxmen: The ruthless swindlers who are terrorising 10,000 UK residents a day from a call centre in India threatening them with prison

The conmen behind a scam robbing taxpayers of millions of pounds can be exposed by the Daily Mail today.
Working from a ramshackle office in India, they pose as HMRC officials to terrorise up to 10,000 Britons a day.
Victims are told they owe tax and face arrest and imprisonment if they do not pay up instantly. Some have lost as much as £20,000.
Conmen working in an office in Ahmedabad, India pose as HMRC officials and tell Britons they owe tax and face arrest and imprisonment if they do not pay up immediately. Pictured is Samkit Jain who spoke to an elderly gentlemen over the phone and said: 'Sir, we just wanted to know if you received the yellow slip regarding your case? Your case for tax fraud'
Conmen working in an office in Ahmedabad, India pose as HMRC officials and tell Britons they owe tax and face arrest and imprisonment if they do not pay up immediately. Pictured is Samkit Jain who spoke to an elderly gentlemen over the phone and said: ‘Sir, we just wanted to know if you received the yellow slip regarding your case? Your case for tax fraud’
HMRC staff dealt with 330 repayment fraud cases a day in the six months to January – 60,000 in all and 360 per cent up on the previous half-year. Not all the victims will have come forward.
The fraudsters boasted they did not fear being tracked down by British authorities. But the Mail has passed details of the Ahmedabad-based gang to Indian police who have pledged action.
HMRC investigators have also asked to see our evidence. Our investigation also revealed that:
  • Indian scam call centres are involved in more than one in ten reported frauds in the UK;
  • Men using just laptops and the BT phonebook are making hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from UK victims;
  • Many are tricked into making multiple bank payments after being told the original transfer did not go through;
  • The gang buys British phone numbers – even copying the HMRC phone number – to make the scam appear genuine;
  • Fraudsters operating overseas request payments into British bank accounts including NatWest to make them appear authentic.
Mohid Trivedi (left), the call centre¿s office manager, said: ¿We have to let the caller get some rest. We say: ¿Drink some water, don¿t be so scared.¿ We say: ¿We have put your payment on hold. Once your payment has been made it will be resolved, so don¿t worry.¿ It¿s all about psychology¿
Mohid Trivedi (left), the call centre’s office manager, said: ‘We have to let the caller get some rest. We say: “Drink some water, don’t be so scared.” We say: “We have put your payment on hold. Once your payment has been made it will be resolved, so don’t worry.” It’s all about psychology’
The revelations come in the wake of Money Mail’s Stop the Bank Scammers campaign, which is calling for action against a fraud epidemic costing families £1million a day.
Our team infiltrated the 18-strong gang at its fake call centre in the northern Indian city of Ahmedabad. The scammers select targets randomly from the BT online phone directory and call them posing as HMRC officials.
Following a script, they warn about impending court proceedings for unpaid tax and demand immediate payment.
One fraudster said: ‘We threaten them. Once they feel the fear they’re gonna pay.’
Victims told the Mail of the huge financial and emotional toll of losing up to £20,000.
Sandeep Soni is known as a 'closer'. While he was on the phone with a British man he said: ¿I¿m a lawyer for the HMRC fraud division, my name is Dave Smith, badge ID 100581. Let me tell you, this call is being recorded and monitored so right now you are not able to disconnect the phone call. If you disconnect the phone call, unfortunately we have to start the legal procedures by contacting the authorities, OK?'
Sandeep Soni is known as a ‘closer’. While he was on the phone with a British man he said: ‘I’m a lawyer for the HMRC fraud division, my name is Dave Smith, badge ID 100581. Let me tell you, this call is being recorded and monitored so right now you are not able to disconnect the phone call. If you disconnect the phone call, unfortunately we have to start the legal procedures by contacting the authorities, OK?’
Other gangs operating from Ahmedabad use similar scams to target American and Australian victims. The FBI has sent agents to tackle the issue but Indian police said they had had no contact with the British authorities.
Charlie Elphicke, a Tory member of the Commons Treasury committee, said: ‘Scammers should not be allowed to get away with fleecing hard-working British citizens.
‘Phone fraud often targets the most vulnerable people, leaving them out of pocket and extremely distressed. This country has access to the most sophisticated police expertise and technology. We should be using it to crack down on anyone committing these cowardly crimes – no matter what corner of the world they are operating from.’
Labour MP John Mann, who also sits on the committee, said: ‘It’s a very big problem which the Foreign Office should be taking action on.
‘India sells lots of goods to us. Ministers and embassies should be pushing the Indian authorities to clamp down on the fraudsters.’
Baroness Altmann, a former pensions minister, said her mother, who is in her 80s, was petrified after the gang called to say they would be sending officers to arrest her.
‘The British police and Government should definitely be doing their utmost to prevent these gangs from accessing the private phone numbers of British citizens,’ she said.

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Unbelievably Inhumane Japanese TortureMethods Used During World War 2

Unbelievably Inhumane Japanese TortureMethods Used During World War 2

While terrible World War II atrocities were committed by many nations during the conflict, Japanese war crimes in that period stand out as especially horrific and brutal. Not only did the Japanese use inhuman torture methods as part of their interrogations, but full units were set up for experimenting on living human beings. Some of the unbelievable cases of torture committed by the Japanese in these laboratories would not even be allowed on rats today. The following is a list of truly sickening torture methods and human experiments committed by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

(**Warning: graphic and disturbing content**)

Japanese Soldiers Ate Prisoners Alive

Photo: Australian War Memorial/via Wikipedia

There have been many well-documented reports of Japanese soldiers dining on their enemies. Supplies were running low throughout the Pacific Theater, so the Japanese began selecting prisoners at work camps to consume. In some cases, soldiers cut flesh from still-living prisoners.

While some cannibal soldiers were themselves starving, others had ample provisions and only engaged in cannibalism as a means to terrorize prisoners or strengthen the soldiers’ bonds with one another by engaging in this taboo act as a group.


Women Were Raped, Forcibly Impregnated, Then Dissected Alive

Unit 731 - Complex.jpg

Photo: Public Domain/via Wikipedia

Soldiers forcibly impregnated female prisoners, whose condition was then used to “study” pregnant women and fetuses. The Japanese were keen on knowing if syphilis could be transmitted between mother and child, so pregnant prisoners were intentionally infected with the disease. Pregnant women were vivisected. Female prisoners were also subjected to horrific sexual “experimentation,” rape, and abuse.

The Pure Torture collection15 Historical Torture Methods Designed To Make The Pain Last As Long As Possible

Japanese Doctors Removed “Fresh” Organs from Living Prisoners

Photo: Public Domain/via Wikipedia

At the infamous Unit 731 where abhorrent acts were conducted on mainly Chinese POWs by Japanese scientists, it was common practice to remove subjects’ organs or to cut off their limbs without the administration of painkillers or anesthetics. One particularly ghastly act was the removal of a prisoner’s stomach, after which the esophagus and small intestine would be directly linked. Others had their limbs removed and then reattached elsewhere on their body as a pointless, cruel “experiment.” Still had pieces of their brain and liver hacked out while they were still alive.

Prisoners Were Slowly Impaled On Growing Bamboo Shoots

Photo: via YouTube

Quick-growing bamboo provided a natural tool to slowly torture and kill prisoners. Japanese soldiers tied Allied prisoners down over a bed of sharpened bamboo shoots. Bamboo can grow a couple of inches per day, and the persistent plant can penetrate flesh. Over days, the bamboo climbed right through the soldiers, impaling them, until they were dead.

World War 2 Propaganda Posters, Explained

Prisoners Were Killed In Centrifuges Or High-Pressure Chambers

Photo: via YouTube

How long can a person survive without food and water? In addition to dehydration and nutrition deprivation, Japanese “scientists” toyed with the fragility of prisoners’ lives by spinning them in centrifuges until their insides could no longer handle it. The torturers were also curious about the amount of pressure that human bodies could withstand, so prisoners were placed into high-pressure chambers and gradually killed while the pressure dial was cranked up.

The Japanese Froze Prisoners’ Limbs And Then Stripped Them To the Bone

Photo: via YouTube

To run “tests” on frostbite’s effects, prisoners had their arms frozen to the bone, then torturers chipped away at the ice and doused the limbs with water at various temperatures to observe the terrible things that happened to the skin and muscle of the affected limbs. In one case, a Chinese woman had her arm frozen and then the flesh stripped away, revealing only bare bone.

The Japanese Army Used The Plague As A Biological Weapon

Photo: China Underground

Prisoners were intentionally infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, sometimes by means of forced sexual contact. Meanwhile, plague-carrying fleas and diseased items were dropped on various civilian Chinese targets: “the resulting cholera, anthrax, and plague were estimated to have killed around and possibly more than 400,000 Chinese civilians.” Plague-carrying fleas were bred at Unit 731 and elsewhere as part of biological warfare programs.

see more on Bubonic plague

Human Prisoners Were Injected With Animal Blood

Photo: Boston University

Horse blood was administered to prisoners to determine if wounded Japanese soldiers could be given animal blood as a substitute for human blood. Of course, this did not work, and prisoners died. In another blood-based “experiment,” prisoners were injected with seawater, but that too proved fatal.

Prisoners Were Subjected To Water Torture

Photo: via YouTube

During interrogations, Japanese soldiers would place tubes down a prisoner’s throat and turn on the water spigot until water leaked from the victim’s nostrils. In addition to inducing a terrifying feeling of drowning, water intoxication can be fatal.

Prisoners Were Burned Alive

Photo: Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons

Japanese scientists curious about human resilience to extreme temperatures exposed living prisoners to heat to “study” the effects of heat and burns on the human body.

Japanese Scientists Exposed Prisoners To X-Rays Until They Died

Photo: via YouTube

Japanese “scientists” subjected prisoners to ever-increasing doses of X-rays until they died of radiation poisoning.

Prisoners Were Crucified

Photo: Fernando Amorsolo/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

The Japanese would crucify some of their prisoners, nailing them to crosses but using trees if those were all that were available. Once the prisoners had been nailed down, they were left to bake in the sun until they died.

People Were Hung But Not In The Normal Way

Photo: Polish Authorities/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Hanging is a fairly common and well-known form of execution, and can be used as a form of torture when the drop isn’t enough to break the neck and instead merely causes extreme asphyxiation. The Japanese would instead hang prisoners by their tongues or thumbs and leave them for days – or until whatever appendage they’d been hung by broke apart.

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Murdering the Truth is Terrorism

20.12.2018 Author: Gordon Duff


The New York Times, in early December 2018, ran a 5000-word article outlining how Russian propaganda, supported by independent media, has destroyed America’s understanding of what is real and true. This time I wasn’t cited personally as last year when Newsweek, the Washington Post, Politico and The Hill named me as a Russian agent.

Endless hours with Federal investigators began to recreate a sense of reality. They genuinely began to understand that they are the ones who have been the victims, fed a narrative of lies for years. It was heartening.

In particular, the times went after the downing of MH17, the Skripal poisoning, or whatever it was, various gas attacks, the alleged election rigging, blaming Russia for making it hard for them to get their version out and believed.

For my part, I rely on my experience not just as a journalist or diplomat but in over three decades in the intelligence community.

Let’s take MH17. I was personally involved in negotiations with the Malaysian government to set up a task force to independently investigate. The Dutch investigators were, according to Malaysia, predetermined to blame Russia. A team was assembled, including me and former FBI, a top DC law firm and others at VT but Malaysia was threatened by the US that if they began this effort, the United States would economically retaliate.

I have all the documents and correspondence, it’s not like this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day. We always ask, who benefits? The answer was easy, the extremists who had taken power in Ukraine and rogue members of military organizations with facilities in Azerbaijan and elsewhere. Intelligence had long since sited a conspiracy behind the downing of MH17 and the Malaysian government was the primary victim but had been extorted, threatened, cowed into backing down from seeking justice.

Let’s now look at al-Qaeda. It isn’t just an assertion that there is no such thing as al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden’s American handler is a close friend. I know the top Pakistani intelligence and military officials from the time and went over this with them as well including ISI Director General Hamid Gul, an editor at Veterans Today for nearly a decade.

It was always the same, the CIA formed al Qaeda and there never was a worldwide terror group that broke away and began targeting the United States. Take, for instance, al Qaeda in Yemen.

There were meetings, years ago, on how to justify more American involvement in the region. The decision was made to name some tribes in Yemen “al Qaeda,” tribes randomly picked. Then the GWOT (Global War on Terror) could pour funds into Yemen and aid Saudi interference in their affairs, something going on to this day.

As a side note, it was 18 months ago that Veterans Today asserted that the US was arming and fueling Saudi planes bombing civilians in Yemen. Only a few days ago, it was announced, finally, that the US had been doing it illegally with American funding “off the books.” Imagine, who deserves money less than Saudi Arabia, particularly in their efforts to murder civilians using their American weapons?

We can move on to the Syrian gas attacks. Russian media was accused of making up wild conspiracy theories to justify their aiding Syria in randomly gassing Syrian citizens, even in areas under government control, for no reason whatsoever other than “this is what Russians do.”

How do you fight logic like that particularly when it is presented with absolutely no evidence whatsoever?

This is the New York Times, but it is also the Trump administration. Do note that the Obama administration had never attacked the Damascus government.

We could move on to the Skripal “event.” It is easy to see why it would be in the American news. Imagine the most potent poison imaginable, VX gas, something the US and Israel had produced for years and still store away, according to our sources, in Romania, Georgia and Southern Libya.

However, when a former Russian “spy” named Skripal and his daughter became ill, and I suggest food poisoning or something similar, it had to be Russia and it had to be “Novachuk,” the Russian chemical agent made famous in Call of Duty video games.

Problem is, the Skripals survived and, in fact, there is no evidence they were ever ill in the first place. There are no records of medical care, nothing presented anywhere, no chemical analysis and the other “fact,” as it were, that VX kills in less than 3 seconds 100% of the time.

Both Skripals are alive and well.

Then there is the curious fact that dragging on this story took the Saudi/Trump involvement in the strangling and dismemberment of a Washington Post correspondent named Khashoggi out of the media. Even the CIA says Saudi Arabia did it and their intercepts say it was on the direct order of the Saudi crown prince, commonly known as MBS.

Then again, it is the Trump regime paying for fueling Saudi planes bombing Yemen and the Trump family with a recent $800 million contract in Saudi Arabia for projects that don’t seem to involve anything more than money going to Jared Kushner for doing nothing. Nothing is to be built or managed, only a contract for Saudi Arabia to pay the Trumps almost a billion dollars for unnamed services.

Is Trump being paid to gas up Saudi planes terrorizing Yemen?

What we have are accusations and assertions by a press organization, one of many that seem to act “on demand” to maintain a fake narrative.

The press never asks “why.” They don’t care. They report what they are told to report, make up sources, never complain about lack of proof and now cry like babies when nobody believes them.

For those who actually sit in the meetings, who looked at the documents, the radar tracking and interviewed witnesses on MH17 and other events, the press suffers a shameful lack of interest in reality.

For instance, only a few days ago it turned out that one district in North Carolina had actually counted votes prior to an election, not just early ballots but came up with totals prior to voting. That story was removed from the mainstream media only hours after it was reported.

It was Trump’s party that was involved but news organizations supposedly opposed to Trump covered it up, as they always do. Is the whole thing, the war on the press, all fake or mostly fake? It is certainly fake the only question is how fake?

Then again, there is this unpleasant reality. Those who govern, those who report, those who make war, those who profit, those who bleed the world dry on behalf of the mischief makers are people seldom burdened with issues of morality or values.

We say “seldom,” not “never.”

Each issue can be understood easy enough. There are facts, there are motives, there is evidence. None of these are ever referred to or discussed, only “belief” and “opinion.”

Belief and opinion are so very subject to manipulation and control and with that the debasement of humanity and the cycle of entropy, war, poverty, starvation and fear. In the end, one question lives above all others, who profits? It will never be asked.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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