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Sandy Hook Girls Killed Still Alive?

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Remember The Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax? Interesting Image May Indeed Show Some Of The Young Girls “Killed” At That Shooting Very Much Alive Today!

I have been out and about today taking care of some family business…. I also went and visited my aging mother, who is still quite well in case anyone is asking….. I honestly did not want to post any new material today, but instead get some rest and relaxation this evening and work on my weekend rant tomorrow… However, an astute reader sent me a link to a most interesting picture, and he asked me to do an article about it for the fact that it definitely blows massive holes in the Sandy Hook fraud shooting of almost 6 and 1/2 years ago… I figured I would oblige…

Most people remember that fake shooting at “Sandy Hook Elementary School” from December 14th, 2012, where we were told in “official” reports that some 26 students and teachers, and the “shooter” by the name of “Adam Lanza” were all killed….. It was hammered into gullible peoples’ minds almost incessantly for years now after that event that it was REAL, but luckily I and others that have spent years now tearing the “official” story apart know otherwise…..   And what I was sent by that commentator does indeed make people stop and say “Hmmmmmm..”….. I therefore want to post up the following picture that shows what apparently are the female “victims” of that fake shooting at Sandy Hook from 2012 gathered together for a photo “op” recently and which shows definitely that they are all very much alive and well… Here is that image:

I also was informed that many “social media” sites as well as the criminals behind Google and other platforms are now working as hard as possible to have that image destroyed…. It makes sense, due to the fact that the image does indeed show the alleged female “victims” from that alleged shooting very much alive and well!  This action alone means that this picture is most probably authentic and once again proves that everyone was indeed treated as SUCKERS for stupidly believing the Sandy Hook shootings to be real!

I for one do NOT want to see this image destroyed, and want to request as many people as possible to copy and save this image for posterity….. For IF it indeed does show these young women very much alive and well and not “killed at Sandy Hook” then someone, especially the crooked US government, has some serious explaining to do….

I must state that I questioned Sandy Hook from the very beginning and within a few days called this one a massive fraud and a fake shooting…. I have stood my ground for years now, and with this new image coming forward, I and others are once again vindicated………

More to come




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The ICC and NGOs: Modern Day Manifestations of “The White Man’s Burden”

March 23, 2019 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) –
The International Criminal Court (ICC) is not international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal.

It is an institutionalized tool – one of many – used by Western corporate-financier interests to coerce and control nations across the developing world.

In a recent charade aimed to boost its otherwise nonexistent credibility, the ICC has claimed it seeks to investigate the United States for war crimes regarding Afghanistan. It also claims it is investigating the United Kingdom regarding Iraq.

However, the ICC has – since its first case in 2003 – been used primarily against targets of Western interests – with a particular emphasis on Africa and Eastern Europe. Not a single Western government or individual has been prosecuted by the ICC despite having committed the worst war crimes of the 21st century.

Looked Good on Paper…  

On paper, the International Criminal Court seems like a good idea. This is probably why many nations signed and ratified the statute giving it its supposed mandate. However, as with many good ideas in theory, in practice the ICC falls tragically short.

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Christchurch: Jim Stone – FINAL ANSWER

The only thing that makes sense is the entire mosque was green screen that used a real mosque from the outside, and a different location for the inside. Either way, the blue sock man proves, without question, the shooting never happened. SCROLL DOWN TO THE HEADLINE: I can now shamelessly and without question state the Christchurch shooting was fake for irrefutable proof the shooting was done in multiple video takes, and a continuity error BLEW IT. There is no question – the shooting never happened. The rest is just figuring out how they faked it.


It appears (but I can’t find proof) that the Christchurch mosque was NOT a re-purposed structure. IF it was custom built as a mosque from the ground up, the prayer positions would be possible to line up the way they appear in the video, but they’d still never be in the hallway or installed as pictured. And regardless, the carpet won’t put blue socks on a dead man’s feet.

I’ll log in and clean up the details below later, because in custom built mosques, prayer carpets do line up. But they are NEVER in the halls, where you can’t see whoever is leading prayer.

Another gaffe in this: Mosques don’t have tons of side rooms as pictured in the video, they are (practically without exception) just a huge prayer area with a foyer. So having so many side rooms would strongly indicate that wherever this “shooting happened”, it was done in a re-purposed structure, as I state below. You don’t have half the people praying in rooms where they can’t see who is leading a prayer. It has to be a hoax mosque.

We may have a situation with this where the entire video is blue screen that simply used the face of a real mosque, but inside it was a different location. Hollywood does that all the time, and it looks real. That is probably what really happened.


This “mosque” is likely a blue screen someone put together. Look at the prayer spot patterns in the carpet. Look down the little side hall – there is yet another “prayer spot” marked out on the carpet there. I’m not going to go into how odd it is that there are prayer spots in the hallway carpet at all, (this is very strange because you are supposed to be able to see the guy leading the prayer, if you can’t see him you can’t do the prayer and NO MOSQUE is going to go to the expense of putting that kind of carpet where no one can pray because they can’t follow the leader (another problem) but the one that is in that little entryway takes the cake – you can’t pray with your head against the wall, there has to be a few feet in front of you, it is simply the rules so it can’t be there. CONCLUSION: This is an Ocasio Cortez mosque assembled in a green room by people who did not know how Muslims would actually set up a real mosque, OR it is actually a real structure and someone paid whatever it took to set up an elaborate prop for a hoax video. Hollywood does it all the time, but usually when Hollywood does something they get the details right. No shoes at the door either, which means that particular door is not used, it just happens to be there, you CANNOT wear your shoes on that type of carpet no matter what, you can’t leave without your shoes, they HAVE TO be by the door. No shoes by any door in any mosque that cuts straight to prayer carpet means that door is not used, ANOTHER Ocasio style blunder.

Folks, just through observation of this one scene alone, you can prove this is not a real mosque. Too many errors were made, it would be pointless to put that carpet in a hall where no one can see the prayer being led, plus it would not be in the side hall that did not allow enough room, PLUS there are no shoes by the door, a DEAD GIVEAWAY, AND:

HERE IS THE CLINCHER THAT TOTALLY CINCHES THIS AND PROVES IT IS A FAKE MOSQUE: The position of Mecca is totally random and the video shows the “mosque” clearly lined up with the surrounding streets, yet the prayer carpet is in perfectly straight lines which is not possible. In a real mosque where buildings line up with the surrounding streets, the prayer positions on the carpet will ALWAYS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, have at least SOME angle to them because your direction of prayer points to Mecca, which is random depending on your position on the globe. Mecca is in fact not “east”. As a result, in mosques that have pre-marked out prayer rugs, the prayer positions are always at an angle, they don’t line up with the walls. Here is an example of how a mosque prayer carpet is really installed in locations where the mosque was not originally built to be a mosque (everywhere in the “western world”) where mosques, (including obviously from the video in this case) are re-purposed buildings that were not originally built as mosques:

Bottom line: Because the Christchurch mosque was a re-purposed structure, the prayer carpet would never line up so perfect the prayer positions shoot straight down a hallway without even an inch of deviation from the walls. Muslims would never set one up that way even if the building did magically line up perfect anyway, and no shoes by the door takes the cake – it’s not real, END OF DISCUSSION.

The following report contains the photo that proves what I said above

<h3>I can now shamelessly and without question state the Christchurch shooting was fakeThe video was either done in multiple takes, or was created by an AI that screwed up. The mosque may or may not even be real. It is THAT BAD. I’ll try to log in later to upload the most damning evidence yet, but for now I will embed it from elsewhere.In the video, a man was laying in the hallway, not wearing socks. The shooter runs past him to “get his other gun.” On the way back in the same victim is laying in approximately the same position (everyone moved a little, but it is obviously at least trying to be the same scene AND THE SAME VICTIM IS WEARING BLUE SOCKS. Not possible if he really is dead on the floor.


This image is hosted by the enemy, posted by the “good guys” where the enemy can remove it. So save it just in case it vanishes before I actually log in to host it from here. This error on the part of the production crew is in the original video also. GAME OVER, I know there are over a thousand people from NZ who read this site and I suggest they print this ASAP and start showing it to people, along with a clear explanation as to what is going on. NZ is getting REAMED by this shooting, Clinton&Co need a safe place to set up a new fiefdom and unfortunately NZ was all too willing to allow this to happen. Now I believe Podesta really was there helping to stage this and that the video was a complete production that was simply played as a “live stream” after the final cut.

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