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“…Form Public Courts & Elect Public Officers…”

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why No Political Organization?
By Anna Von Reitz

From the very first, people have been wanting to get “organized” and form “political action committees” and create logos and emblems and that sort of thing and some of them have been openly hostile toward me because I won’t be that kind of leader for them.

The short answer is — I don’t “do” politics because politics is part of the problem, not the solution.

An actual government is not made up of political parties arguing over who gets to divide the spoils this year.

An actual government is made up of elected fiduciary officers whose job it is to run the business of a country. Prudently.

Your actual government hasn’t gone anywhere. You have forgotten how to operate it properly, but it is still here.

There are people running around like headless chickens claiming that nobody is in charge and that our government no longer exists and all sorts of silly rot, because the corporate nature of the federal subcontractors has been re-discovered by a dumbed-down generation.

The 1824 Webster’s Dictionary gives the word “contract” as a synonym for the word “federal” — so the “federal government is a “contract government” — under contract to provide certain enumerated services.

As for the Act of 1871, all that aimed at (and didn’t accomplish, as it was repealed three years later) was to create an incorporated business structure for the District of Columbia. This Municipal Corporation was eventually formed in a piecemeal fashion and it did do a lot of damage to our country, but no, that isn’t the big “problem” either.

The real problem is our own guileless ignorance about politics.

Ask yourself— what are these political parties? Republican and Democrat?

They are lobbyists.

Lobbyists are supposed to be going to Washington, DC, to plead for this or that special favor from the elected fiduciary officers. Instead, we have lobbyists running the government.

Think about that.

Calling them “political parties” instead of “lobbyists” doesn’t change the nature of the beasts. They are still just as nasty, unaccountable, deceitful, self-interested and ruthless in promoting agendas calculated to benefit themselves and their patrons. They certainly aren’t there to serve anyone but themselves and their own clique.

It’s like we went mad and turned the government over to two Booster Clubs.

Instead of “Republican” we should have called it the “Capitalist Lobby” and instead of “Democrat” we should have called it the “Communist Lobby” and then maybe people would have gotten a clue long before this that their actual federal government — the government they are owed — is missing in action.

It’s missing in action because it has been moth-balled, waiting for us to assemble our States and reconstruct the “missing” Federal States of States.

So, what we need to form are our actual State jural assemblies, not more or different political parties. We need to form our Public Courts and elect our Public Law Officers, not spin off more or different private “security” services operating under color of law.

Do you realize that all the police and “law enforcement agencies” in this country are organized under Pinkerton Laws and are technically only authorized to provide security for the mail and the railroads?

Every corporation now –from the State of Illinois to Walmart– has their own private security service, aka, “Pinkertons” and the only difference is that the State of Illinois is operating under color of law, while Walmart is being relatively honest about it.

Practically none of them have a thing to do with the mail service or railroads, but there they are, swaggering around in uniforms with bully sticks and guns, terrorizing the populace. One only has to blink twice to see the enforcers of feudal landlords riding down the valley, a black robed Inquisitor at the lead.

So, now again, you can see the urgent need of reclaiming your Good Name and Estate and declaring your political status as an American State Citizen and forming up your State Jural Assembly and electing actual Sheriffs to enforce the Public Law, instead of letting unauthorized gangs of Pinkertons rampage around.

Along with the complaints about my refusals to spawn a new political party — when I firmly believe and with good reason that political parties should be outlawed — I get complaints from people who say (quite rightly) that the world today is about leverage and enforcement and that a law is worthless if you can’t enforce it.

This is just an observation about how lawless this country has become.

What can you expect, if the only people tasked with enforcing the Public Law –you and I– are left unaware of their right and their obligation to do so?

Every single one of us has the right and the obligation to enforce the Public Law, to form our jural assemblies, elect our Sheriffs, and stand ready to serve as jurors and as deputies and as marshals.

The job of all these private corporate police forces is to protect the property of their employers, not to enforce the Public Law, even though many of these “agencies” and “State of….” organizations operate under color of law and deliberately give people the impression that they are public law officers when they are not.

And of course, the Pinkertons don’t want us to catch on, because when the people of this country step forward to do their lawful duty, it cuts down on demand for them and their jobs. It also vastly undercuts their perceived authority and ends their relative immunity from prosecution.

When we form our Jural Assemblies and form our courts and elect our land jurisdiction Sheriffs, the bought and paid for “Sheriffs” working for ABC, Corp. get put in their places, because suddenly it’s not the resources of a multi-national corporation pitted against little Joe Average.

Remember John Wayne deputizing members of his posse? A lawfully elected land jurisdiction Sheriff can deputize as many men as he needs to enforce the Public Law. And if necessary, we can kick Pinkerton ass from here to breakfast.

It’s just a matter of remembering who you are and who they are, picking up the reins, and operating your own actual government instead of mistaking their bankrupt political sideshow as anything having to do with you.

Of course, it very much helps if we all work together and in large numbers, but it doesn’t require any new political parties or fancy logos. The same Grand Old Flag and our same old government structure will do: all we have to do is operate the actual government we are heir to.

All it really requires is you, and your understanding of the situation, and your willingness to take action. Educate yourselves. Declare and record your political status. Form or join your already organized local jural assembly. Elect your court officers, including your Sheriffs.

And if anybody asks you anything about it, you look them in the eye and you say, “I am doing my Public Duty to uphold and enforce the Public Law.”


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Anglo-Saxon “Eyes” are Fixed on Countering China

10.12.2018 Author: Jean Perier


In spite in a number of signals that the Trump administration has made over the months to indicate that it is prepared to try to take China down alone, the better part of American policymakers have been hard at work behind the scenes, trying to put together a slapdash coalition against Beijing. It’s rather curious that certain American media sources are not even trying to conceal this fact from the general public.

That’s where the largest Anglo-Saxon intelligence coalition in existence, comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States comes into play. The anti-Chinese efforts of this coalition known as the Five Eyes (FVEY) has recently been joined by Germany, Japan and France that want to oppose Chinese investments into various regions of the world.

American politicians would typically describe activities of this coalition as consultations with like-minded partners, aimed, for the time being, at countering the rapid rise of Beijing and its two major infrastructure initiatives: the One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Made in China 2025. However, Beijing is not the only one to suffer from the activities of FVEY, as this body has reportedly developed a number of anti-Russian operations as well.

This trend seems particularly disturbing, especially if one is to get acquainted with the statement issued after the recent Five Eyes meeting on the Gold Coast of Australia, learning that FVEY would use “global partnerships” to accelerate the sharing of information to secure its goals.

The Five Eyes played a pivotal role in the adoption of a number of anti-Chinese legislative initiatives, including the one known as FIRRMA, which gives Washington new powers to block certain types of foreign investments. The text of that legislation mandates Donald Trump to conduct a “more robust international outreach effort” to convince allies to adopt similar protections.

Lately, London in order to secure its favorable relations with Washington has become a primary actor in the deployment of the international anti-China campaign, since it has no friends to turn to, especially after the loss of all of its authority and influence within the European Union. This becomes evident if we take a look at the role the UK plays in a series of attacks on the Chinese high-tech giant – Huawei.

It was MI6 that reminded its close intelligence partners, namely the US, New Zealand and Australia that Huawei started to play too prominent a role on the Western markets, which resulted in this Chinese company getting banned from providing technology for their 5G super-fast networks.

Then, under the supervision of MI6, Canadian authorities have arrested Huawei’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, fulfilling a formal request of Washington, that suspects her of alleged violations of anti-Iran sanctions. The funniest part here is that the Commonwealth hasn’t put its own sanctions against Iran in place, so this move against the Chinese cellular-technology giant was completely illegal even from the point of view of Canadian law, let alone the international one. What’s even worse is that the detained Chinese financial officer happens to be the daughter of Huawei’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, as she also serves as the company’s deputy chairwoman.

As for London’s role in the fulfillment of various dirty tasks on the part of Washington, those seem to be already well-known to NEO’s readers. Suffice it to recall that back in 2017, the former judge of the New Jersey State Superior Court, Andrew Napolitano told the media that the Obama administration made an informal request to British intelligence agencies to wiretap Donald Trump so that no American fingerprints was left behind.

The state of cooperation between American and British intelligence agencies doesn’t end up with developing all sorts of cunning plans, but it also involves the establishment of total surveillance over the citizens of the US-aligned states, which has long been on the agenda of the Five Eyes. It won’t take you much time to find traces of this cooperation in the American and British media, that are kin on discussing how FVEY has been taking full advantage of such well-known spyware as PRISM, Xkeyscore, Tempora, MUSCULAR and STATEROOM.

Moreover, London doesn’t even seem to be embarrassed over the fact that ever since 2007, the NSA has been allowed to collect all sorts of personal information of British citizens and store it in its own databases. Prior to that, Britain would typically oppose any attempts made by the NSA to collect any sensitive information on its citizens, only allowing the latter to store the UK phone number database in its systems.

Its also curious that back in 2005, the NSA started consultations on the possibility of collecting personal data of every citizen of the Five Eyes member states without notifying its allies.

Further still, it turned out that Canadian intelligence agencies were spying on the Thatcher cabinet at the request of Margaret Thatcher herself back in 1983. And it now becomes clear that ever since the 1980s, American intelligence agencies have been spying on all of the Five Eyes members in one form or another. These operations of the NSA were described in much detail by Nicky Hager in his article “The price of the Five Eyes club: Mass spying on friendly nations.”

It should also be noted that the whole notion of the supranational intelligence alliance was brought into existence by Anglo-Saxons with the sole goal of bypassing domestic legislation of the Five Eyes members states that prohibits mass-surveillance in one form or another.

We should not forget that, in addition to the Five Eyes, there’s also an alliance known as the Nine Eyes that comprises the five above mentioned countries plus Norway, Denmark, Holland, and France. There’s also reports on the Fourteen Eyes and Forty-one Eyes alliances, but they don’t seem to enjoy the same level of cooperation as the initial group.

Once the dubious activities of the Five Eyes became known to the public, numerous human rights activists across the Commonwealth started attacking the group, accusing it of forcing governments to “do dirty work” on Washington’s part. For example, in Canada, judges were outraged that local intelligence agencies handed over surveillance over Canadian citizens to other states within the framework of the alliance. The European Union has also expressed its concern that members of the Five Eyes are collecting and sharing information on EU citizens in the interests of the United States, paying no heed to European laws that prohibit such activities.

In this regard, the total lack of any public criticism of anti-Huawei campaign of FVEY is really surprising. After all, if the general public doesn’t put its foot in the door of such dubious practices, then there’s no telling what the Five Eyes can come up with tomorrow, jeopardizing both civil and human rights of their own citizens in whatever way they see fit.

Jean Périer is an independent researcher and analyst and a renowned expert on the Near and Middle East, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.

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Canada Takes A Hostage: Free Meng Wanzhou

08.12.2018 Author: Christopher Black

740 fdvt

It is clear the US is pushing the battle line to our door … We can completely regard the US arrest of Meng Wanzhou as a declaration of war against China.”

So read an editorial in the Global Times of China on December 6, the day after Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of the Chinese company Huawei was taken hostage by the Canadian and American governments on December 1. The daughter of the founder of China’s largest telecommunications company was arbitrarily arrested and detained by Canadian police in Vancouver in transit between planes on December 1on the pretext of a US extradition request.

The arrest has shocked and angered China while in Canada the large Chinese population must wonder how safe they are. The background to the arrest is fairly simple. Huawei has become a global competitor in the global phone market and their 5G phones are cutting edge technology and so not welcomed by competing phone companies in, US, Japan, south Korea, France, and Sweden, who are so afraid of the competition that they and their governments have spread stories that the phones are loaded with spyware and are “a danger to national security.” The company has even been threatened by the US and allied governments with criminal charges in America’s increasingly hostile economic war against China alongside its increasing military pressure, provocations and insults. It’s one way to control the market. But now, acting as a mafia they have kidnapped, detained, and hold hostage a Chinese woman whose simple crime is going to work every day. The lack of outcry from women’s rights groups in the west is not surprisingly, deafening.

The pretext for her arrest is that Huawei has violated US sanctions against Iran. But the “sanctions” imposed on Iran by the US recently are illegal under international law, that is under the UN Charter that stipulates that only the Security Council can impose economic sanctions on a nation. The latest American sanctions are not approved by the Security Council. Sanctions imposed unilaterally by one nation against another are not legal and are violation of international law. There is, therefore, no law that she or Huawei is violating. There is no legal justification for her arrest by the Canadians who detaining her without legal justification.

The Canadian prime minister claims he had no hand in this arrest, yet admits he knew about it days before hand. But he cannot claim that since the police that arrested her and the prosecutors handling the file are federal officials and so he must have been involved. John Bolton in the US also admitted that he knew that this was going to happen several days in advance so there must have been communication between he Canadian authorities and the American authorities at a high level to set this up. In fact to add insult to injury the arrest took place as President Trump was sitting with President Xi who was trying to seek an accommodation with the Americans to ease the economic war being waged against China by the Americans. So as Trump sat with Xi, smiling like a lizard in the sun, he knew that Meng Wanzhou was being arrested, and continued to act like the lizard he is, while Xi acted in good faith unaware of what was happening further north in Canada.

Trudeau’s statement that this arbitrary arrest was not politically motivated and that he was not involved in giving orders for Canadian police to detain her once she landed in Vancouver is preposterous since the Extradition Treaty between Canada and the United States requires that the United States inform the Canadian foreign ministry of its request and send them the documents supporting the request.

Further Article 2 of the Treaty requires that Canada can only act on such a request if, and only if, the offence alleged is also an offence by the laws of both contracting parties. But the unilaterally imposed and illegal sanctions placed against Iran by the USA, are not punishable acts in Canada and even in the USA the “sanctions” are illegal as the are in violation of the UN Charter.

Article 4 (1) of the Treaty states:

Extradition shall not be granted in any of the following circumstances:

(iii) When the offense in respect of which extradition is requested is of a political character, or the person whose extradition is requested proves that the extradition request has been made for the purpose of trying to punish him (or her) for an offense of the above-mentioned character. If any question arises as to whether a case comes within the provisions of this subparagraph, the authorities of the Government on which the requisition is made shall decide.”

So, Prime Minister Trudeau cannot evade responsibility for this hostage taking, this arbitrary arrest and detention since his government had to consider the US request and consider whether it was politically motivated. Therefore the matter had to be considered at the highest level, by him. Since he has clearly ignored all the circumstances including the fact, firstly that the offence alleged is not an offence in Canada, and cannot exist under international law and secondly, that the US request is clearly politically motivated and has the objective of damaging both Iran and China, he made a political decision to order his security forces to arrest and detain her. It was a political arrest. The rule of law in Canada has been suspended, at least in her case, and so can be in any case.

But can we be surprised that the rule of law has ceased to exist in Canada when we remember that in 1999 Canada took part in the aggression against Yugoslavia, when it took part in the aggression against Iraq, when in 2004 its special forces assisted US marines to put a gun to the head of President Aristide of Haiti, kidnap him and exile him to Africa, when it took part in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, of Libya, of Syria, when this year it took in white helmet elements of the terrorist proxy forces attacking Syria, when it has been involved in plots to overthrow the Venezuelan government, and the Ukrainian government where it supports the fascists who have taken power in Kiev and when it supports the illegal “sanctions” that is, economic warfare against Russia?

Canadians should be angry about their nation being led by people whose loyalty is to Washington instead of the Canadian people, whose interest they could care nothing about. They should be angry about slapping the face of the great Chinese people for whom Dr. Norman Bethune, the great Canadian communist, died helping the Peoples Liberation Army during the Long March and resistance to the Japanese in the 1930’s.

They should be angry about these traitors isolating Canada from China, from Russia, from Iran and their great cultures, and condemning Canada to be nothing more than an outpost of the American empire. For traitors they are as they betray the Canadian people by serving he interests of the Americans and their war machine. Free Meng Wanzhou, for so long as she is held hostage, so are we all.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel “Beneath the Clouds. He writes essays on international law, politics and world events, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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