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Ion Engine Powers Plane – No Moving Parts



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The Original Ghostbuster


In the early 1980s, a certain Mr. Vic Tandy found himself working for a medical device manufacturer in Warwick, in the county of Warwickshire, England. With a background in engineering, Tandy had been hired to work on medical devices in an slapdash laboratory that consisted of two steel garages connected by a series of ducts. Aside from the constant buzz of fans and pumps from the equipment, Tandy and his colleagues found little out of the ordinary about their workplace. Nothing, that is, until the apparition appeared.

Early one morning, Tandy arrived at the lab and found a terrified cleaning woman running from the premises. She was unable to explain what exactly had happened, apart from an overwhelming sense of dread and the feeling that she was distinctly not alone. Tandy chalked it up to her having worked the night shift isolated in a creaky old building. But in the following days, Tandy and his two equally hard-nosed and skeptical lab mates noticed an odd, unsettled atmosphere associated with their workspace. Tandy described it as a “depressed” feeling, and complained of breaking out into cold sweats. And there were other odd occurrences–in one instance, a fellow was working at a workbench and felt someone watching over his shoulder, but when he turned to address them there was no one present. On another occasion, while Tandy was working alone, he became convinced that a gray, indistinct apparition was waxing at the edges of his vision, but he swiveled his head only to find that the thing, whatever it had been, had vanished. Tandy and his colleagues assumed these feelings must be due to exhaustion.

One subsequent day, Tandy was using the lab’s vice to perform some maintenance on his fencing foil, its handle locked in the jaws and its blade protruding outward. Tandy stepped away for a few moments and returned to find the blade bouncing violently up and down, compelled by an unseen force. Tandy snatched the foil and the vice together off the workbench, and the oscillations stopped. He placed the configuration back on the surface and, within moments, the blade began moving again. He walked the combination around his lab, and noticed that the blade remained still near the edges of the room, but the oscillations grew as he moved toward the center. The most violent movements occurred next to the workbench–right where he had previously thought he’d seen a gray, indistinct figure.

A consummate engineer, Tandy concluded that there must be a standing wave of air in the room, causing the foil to move and, oddly enough, causing Tandy and his colleagues perceive a human presence. Investigating this hypothesis, Tandy found that a new exhaust fan had recently been installed. Its installation coincided exactly with the terror-stricken cleaning woman. Apparently the combination of the fan and the geometry of the room had produced a standing sound wave at a frequency of just under 19 Hz. This frequency, part of a region of frequencies dubbed infrasound, is just out of the range of normal human hearing, but is very close to the average resonant frequency of a human eyeball. This caused the lab workers’ eyes to vibrate very slightly, prompting the curious optical illusions. When the fan was replaced, the apparition vanished for good and the lab returned to normal, non-spooky operations.

Infrasound is thought to be responsible for similar phenomena in other contexts, such as organ pipes inadvertently creating low frequency sound waves and feelings of a ghostly presence. Tandy’s observations in the medical device lab eventually led to the publication of brief scientific paper on the phenomenon, and Tandy parlayed his accidental expertise into a quiet but continuous dedication to debunking paranormal claims until his death in 2005.


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Human Doubles, Clones And Aliens

August 8, 2009 – Updated: September 16, 2018

Written By DAH

The importance of human doubles was realized very early as politics became more complicated amongst the ruling elites [old wealthy families – Rothschild, Rockefeller, British Royal Family, Fondi Family, secret societies, etc.]. With either side wishing that if they could just replace certain persons in their way to bring about changes in political circles to create situations and environments more favorable to their agendas.

After World War II facial plastic surgery was practiced by skilled surgeons and perfected in secret. The Soviets were using this method to create high-ranking doubles and these doubles had to undergo hypnosis sessions and voice training and also devote many years mimicking mannerisms, behaviors and traits of the person they would eventually replace. And the United States, England, etc. were also involved in the facial surgery sleight of hand to fool the public and members of the aristocrats. But the process of bringing about the change had its limitations, and over the many decades to follow all science institutions funded by the elites were searching for new ways to create replicas. In the United States, England and Europe the research was especially compartmentalized to ensure secrecy.

DNA Transplantation/Transgenesis:
The first public acknowledgment of DNA transplantation (to incite form-feature transformation) was revealed in France using ducks, according to Gordon Rattary Taylor, author of the book “The Biological Time Bomb”. The original research as to how it was done was closed down after information about the results was published in peer-reviewed journals. Another batch of experiments was attempted by the same group but the results from the first attempt could not be duplicated and the first published findings were believed to have happened by chance.

The French research institute in Strasbourg was being funded by the Rothschilds. And according to reports in 1959 biologists were hearing news that three French geneticists had used two species of ducks, the Khaki Campbell and the White Perkin, where the Khaki Campbell DNA was extracted, the material processed and injected into the White Perkin. The geneticists were hoping that the DNA injected would transfer into the offspring of the White Perkin. But something amazing happened, the White Perkin’s body features started to transform into that of the Khaki Campbell! Photo 2

The Rockefeller family funded universities in the United States were also tinkering with DNA transplantation to influence body form transformation. Seven years after the French report, A. S. Fox and S. B. Yoon of Wisconsin University said that they were able to bring about a genuine transformation after treating different strains of fruit flies. They bred true hybrid offspring for up to seven generations and then their foreign DNA disappeared.

After reading about the Fox and Yoon research, Soviet Professor Serge Gershenson, head of Virology of the Academy of Sciences in the Ukraine said that he had treated Drosophila (fruit fly) with DNA extracted from the thymus glands of calves thirty years prior and that his research was published in 1939. His experiment produced stable transformation in the wings and a small segment of the Drosophila chromosome was also affected. Gershenson was surprised by the results and wanted to continue the experiment, but soon after World War II erupted and his research was discontinued. Photo 1

Lab-Clones And Lab-Doubles:
In 1967 Lord Rothschild a physiologist and international authority on the structure and action of spermatozoa, told scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel that he regarded cloning people as a near possibility, and that the hurdle he foresees is ethical. Rothschild was not specific about the type of cloning – in womb baby or current age (teen or adult) biological automaton, but most likely he was referring to regular human cloning by tinkering with the DNA in the sperm and egg.

The first to mention lab-cloning (i.e. in-vitro humans) at the adult stage as fact was Dr. Peter Beter, informed through his intelligence sources and recorded into his audio letter series and radio interviews. And Dr. Beter was shown actual photos of human clones deployed in Washington DC. Many years after disclosing the discovery, a source who Beter was getting some of his secret information from, confirmed what Beter had said, and revealed more. Beter was later warned to stop producing his audio letter series and a few years after he suffered a heart attack and died. The source said that he took Beter to see one of the U.S. presidents, Jimmy Carter, in cloned form in Washington DC at a morgue after fulfilling its political stand-in and died due to body function deterioration. The source said that the clone had a doll-looking appearance, and that adult cloning was pushed aside because the process was time consuming and the end product had a limited lifespan. Adult clones are still being used today, yes, but not as widespread like when their deployment first began in the late 1970s.  Photo 3, Photo 15

Lab-clones (i.e. in-vitro humans) were somewhat retired in the political sphere four years after their deployment started in 1979 where the secret group that was behind these futuristic biological automatons resorted to using another form of human product that was more durable, referred in this article as “lab-double (i.e. transgenic humans),” which requires genuine human host bodies. And these host bodies are collected through clandestine means to avoid public outrage and ethical scandal.

Lab-clones (i.e. in-vitro humans) can be created from scratch using the donor’s genetics starting from the egg cell stage using recombinant DNA technique; while the other method of human lab-cloning grows the host bodies and stores them for eventual DNA transformation that changes the host body to that of the person being copied over several days.

While lab-doubles require genuine human host bodies that are snatched from among the general public. When this is done, people will go missing or framed/initiated in brutal murders, found guilty, sentenced or taken away for fake death; and those who are sentenced commit suicide or die is some strange way.

Lab-doubles (i.e. transgenic humans) are generated using DNA transplantation, where the genes of the person, the blueprint of the body form, features and voice pattern, to be copied, is collected from blood, skin, etc. processed and prepared for the transfer procedure into a different host body. The targeted host body DNA is suppressed as the foreign DNA is transferred, which completely overrides the body’s original DNA and physically starts to transform it in hours. The use of Lab-Doubles and Lab-Clones in the political and corporate spheres is widespread worldwide.

(Reference: THOMAS CASTELLO declaration about the Dulce Base; an excerpt: “…Dark haired boys between five to nine, small to medium size men in their mid-twenties to mid-forties. But, let me stress that there are ALL TYPES of people being held against their will in the Dulce Base! The boys [i.e. for lab-doubles] are favored because at that age their bodies are rapidly growing, and their atomic [i.e. DNA] material is adaptable in the transfer chamber” – [a pod enclosure with atmospheric life support, etc.].)

As mentioned earlier, the experimentation of transplanting DNA into a different host has been tested since the 1920s, even though the reality of the double helix (DNA) came into public knowledge in the September 1967 issue of the National Geographic magazine in an article titled “THE NEW BIOLOGY.” The public acknowledgment of the long held theory became fact and biologists were now excited and perplex about the new science and possible ramifications, because they realized that DNA markers were like colors or different blocks that could be mixed or re-sequenced to create variations and similarities. Photo 6

In the year 1997 I was informed by a source that the first human clone outside womb by a private European firm took place in secret, in Belgium, and from the news-leak it was revealed that the child clone was four years old. The source said that as the child got older its consciousness started to deteriorate and had to be kept alive using life support equipment, and eventually had to be terminated. The Belgium project funded by the elites [old wealthy families – Rothschild, Rockefeller, Fondi Family, secret societies, etc.], said the source, was to perfect the science to grow humans from fetus to adult, and that the knowledge would be used later to create emotionless fighting clones for future military warfare.

References – Links:
[ Lab-Doubles – Transgenesis technique consists of introducing a DNA construction into the genome ]

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